Chance me UMich LSA EA

GPA -3.83

ACT - 32 composite


AP Scores - AP Micro and Macro,4

AP us gov-5


also took AP Chem(no exam)

this year I’m taking AP Physics C,AP Calc AB, AP CSA

Asian, middle class, semi-rural, fin aid needed

Class Rank- not known, but I estimate top 10% at least

EC’s HOSA,DECA(won regionals), coding club, club med, math honor society

volunteered at soup kitchen, hospital

shadowed doctors

coursera certificates-python

active forum member for a us geography forum, cartographer(made 40 maps)

LOR- I asked a math teacher from my old school who knew me well(this is my 3rd High School, just went to another as a senior)

Intended Major - CS

I want to apply to UofMich(in state for CS in LSA)

How’s your rigor overall ? I’d say unlikely but as you are going through LSA maybe. You should definitely go for it.

I have taken the hardest classes offered my school (AP’s )except for english.

I’d go for it - if you want it. If you went to regular computer science, it’s be a no. I still think it might be - but make sure you have a balanced overall list.

Michigan State and Michigan Tech would be nice fall backs in CS.

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What do you mean by regular computer science?

Is the 3.83 GPA weighted or unweighted?

I’ll offer a guess as to what he/she meant. And that is CS via CoE, not LSA.

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Last year, with a record amount of applications, Michigan had roughly a 20% acceptance rate. We don’t have the OOS vs. in-state breakdown yet, but the in-state acceptance rate would be about double+ the OOS acceptance rate, based on prior years.

The 32 ACT score puts you at the lower end of the 75/25 for the entire class and LSA has an overall unweighted GPA of around 3.9. Honestly, it’ll be close either way ultimately, but I do think you’ll be postponed/deferred in EA.

That’s my guess w/o seeing essays, recommendation, and the rest of your app. The essays are truly important, so put some effort into them.

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You are correct. While similar the COE is a bit more robust and I’m guessing would be more competitive.

I don’t know that you’ll get in but you seem a viable candidate to me. The issue with the top schools is there are a gazillion like you applying to similar schools competing for a small number of spots.

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Your instate and your scores are fine. Nothing for Michigan is guaranteed. How does your school do with sending kids to Michigan? Are you a feeder school for them?

Lsa is 3.9 UW avg.,with 32-35 Act. Engineering is 3.9 /34 Act so your right there.

Good Luck.

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I believe that my school is a feeder

Here’s the thing - you are applying Early Action.

You can get in. But at the flipside, it’s Michigan so it’s no guarantee.

So give it your best but make sure you have matches and targets as well.

Good luck.

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Thank you

Should I submit my scores or go test-optional?

Let others weigh in - but I lean toward submitting. Your math is high and you are on the right side of 32 - i.e. 32.25, not 31.5. It’s a tough call though.

Some say if you’re on the lower end, don’t submit - and I don’t know if they showed TO acceptance rate vs. test submission or not. I couldn’t find it - but at most schools where I’ve seen it provided, providing a test has been admitted at a higher rate. But I tend to think having a test is better than not regardless of what they say.

CS is a tough major so likely skews higher and that might be a reason not to.

Really a tough call - go with your gut and don’t look back.

If you don’t get in, there’s a lot of great schools that would love to have you.

Good luck.


Submit. Your scores are fine and won’t be the reason you don’t get in. Make sure your essay is solid. Visit the school. They want to know you want to go there

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For LSA, instate, I’d lean towards submitting it, if you were my kid.

Since I’m from the West Coast, I had to look up the ACT to SAT concordance. And a 32 is the equivalent of a 1,430. Great score.

Using the last pre-pandemic CDS, the SAT 25/75 for 2019-2020 was 1,340-1,530. So you’re in “the thick of it.”

And OOS acceptances skew the average upwards.

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