Chance me Umich Ross

3.96 UW GPA
4.31W GPA
1520 SAT(780rw/740m)

1560 superscore
12 ap classes

Dual enroll to take calc 2

Rank 2
Essays are great

HOSA President
NHS Co-President
UNICEF Treasurer/Founder
WLC-Schoolcraft college esports team founder/president
IASA(Indian American Student Association) Vice President
Volunteer at hospitality house(100+ hours)
MUN delegate(won 1st honors at MAMUN 2020)
Earned a professional IT certificate licensed by google(via Coursera)
Varsity Tennis 4 years

Red Robin Host(June-currently)
Caddy(March 2019-currently)
Summer Camp Counselor(Summer of 2018 and 2019)

forgot to mention, in-state Indian male below 150k

Great chance. Make sure they know you want to go there. Also how does your instate school do with Michigan acceptances?

9 or 10, 1 or 2 maybe to ross specifically.

@Neeroodle why such a low rating for ross? he/she def has a good shot. just comes down to his/her essays

Assuming “home school” is LSA, then you have a good shot at both, LSA and Ross, being instate. The instate acceptance rate for the Class of 2024 was 47.5%. But Covid has a big impact to UMich’s admission and yield numbers.

Looks good!