Chance me: UMich

Hello! I adore UMich and would love to see what I can improve to increase my chances of acceptance.

Background on me:
I attend a public high school in southern California
Major: Biology
UW GPA: 4.0
W GPA: 4.13
ACT: 32 (took once, may take again)
SAT II’s: Biology E: 690
AP classes (including senior yr): AP bio, AP lang, AP lit, AP physics 1, AP gov, AP calc AB
class rank: 40/592 = top 6.8%
EC’s: CSF officer (its a CA academic honors society), jv tennis team 3 years, volunteer at local hospital once a week, section editor for school newspaper, Girl Scouts since first grade, about 170 volunteer hours total and counting.

Do you think I have a good chance at getting in? Also, please give any constructive advice on what I can improve to increase my chances of admission to UMich! Thanks so much!!!

Since you are OOS, Michigan is a reach. Write strong common app essay and Michigan supplements, clearly demonstrate your vision for how you intend on pursuing your education at Michigan by referencing specific programs and features unique to Michigan, and apply EA.

I agree with the above but retake your act. You are just a few questions answered correctly away from a 33/34,which is more competitive. Also look at Naviance and see what past people that were accepted to Michigan needed to get in from your school. All schools are becoming more competitive each year and Michigan this year took another step to be more competitive to out of state students.

@Alexandre @Knowsstuff Thank you so much for this helpful input! Much appreciated.

@kkendall… Np. Also email your Michigan regional counselor and get some input or suggestions. Any connection to them is important to show interest especially for out of state. Look up on Michigan site.

@Knowsstuff Thank you for the advice. I just emailed my admissions officer a question I’ve had about UMich



Try really hard to get a 34+ ACT and some good SAT Subject Test/AP scores (in general 750ish and up is a good subject test score, and 5 is a good AP exam score - 4 is decent, but usually will not really impress Michigan admissions - anything lower is a negative and probably should not be submitted). Also, try to see if you can get some “wow-factor” extracurricular experiences in (for example, national level awards are preferable, but state level awards are good - I feel like most out-of-state students from CA/NJ/NY/MA/Ohio/DC Area that I have met at Michigan have state level awards/honors). You are applying from one of the most competitive states. Michigan is a high reach at this point.