Chance Me UMich

I am currently a freshman in college and plan on applying to UMich LSA for the Fall 2021 semester. By that time, I’ll have 49 transferrable credits. I dual enrolled at Henry Ford College during high school and now attend Wayne State University. I plan on taking 13 credits for the Winter 2021 semester and another 7 for the spring/summer semester. How do my chances look taking these stats into consideration? Any tips/advice is appreciated, thank you!

Henry Ford College: 28 dual-enrolled credits (18 transferrable) - 3.92 GPA

Wayne State University: 11 college credits by the end of this semester - (most likely ending with a 4.00 GPA)

High School:

GPA (W/UW): 4.28 / 3.87 Rank: 20/725 SAT: 1340

well seeing as there have been no responses…did you at least get in?