Chance Me UNC Charlotte OOS

Please give chance of getting into UNC Charlotte and potential scholarship opportunities.

GPA: 3.94 UW/4.61W
SAT: 1520 (800 Math, 720 English)
Major: Electric Engineering or Physics (any way to double major?)
AP Exams:
5: Calc AB, Human Geo
Also took Lang, Calc BC, Physics 1, APES (scores coming soon)
taking AP Chem, AP Lit and APCSP next year.

Also have taken 15 community college classes, 5 honors classes
SAT Subject:
Math- 780
Physics - Taking in October


  • National Collegeboard Recognition: small town
  • likely commended scholar
  • Math Department Student of Honor (10th)


  • Organized Virtual Science Week for local children
  • Science Fair: 1st place Physics, finalist to qualify for ISEF (did not make it),(10) 3rd place Engineering (11)
  • Science Olympiad: member of state bound team… won numerous individual awards
  • Co-president of Academic Decathlon… have won some awards
  • Orchestra: part of county honor orchestra for past 2 years, plan to audition again… play viola
  • GSA: secretary of the club… we just meet monthly so not sure whether this counts

@Alamere Just out of curiosity, why UNCC? It looks like you had quite a few CA safeties in mind. I assume you’re meaning Levine or Albert? Like most “full rides” they’re very competitive; your stats are good, but the number of scholarships available is very low. Many in state kids we know apply NCSU, but also apply Levine/Albert in hopes of full ride. Needless to say most end up full pay at NCSU. It sounds like Charlotte could be a good fit socially for you, great eclectic/artsy scene in some areas of the city, easy transit system, etc. They know a lot of kids use them as a safety, so put a lot of effort into your essays.

Thank you