Chance me? Unique situation and non traditional student

<p>I have a unique situation... I went to freshman, sophomore, and junior year at a top rated public school in NJ. I had trouble at school, and was bullied pretty badly (I wrote my essay about that), and my grades suffered. I only took one AP class in junior year, and had a B average. Senior year, I decided to declare Florida residency and take all of my classes online through flvs. We've had a house down here for like eight years, so everything was legit. I'm currently taking Ap English lit and comp, ap microeconomics, hon geometry, ap environmental science, ap us gov and politics, and have all As and Bs. I have two great letters of Rec from my vice principal and my favorite teacher from the public school. Three volunteering awards, and over 400 or 500 hrs of service. I wrote my essay a year in advance, and had it read over by a published author in my area, who said it was really great. It shows how I turned a bad situation into something good... I initiated and led an anti bullying group at my towns middle school and spoke of my experience. My essay isn't a big sob story, although it is pretty deep in the beginning. What are my chances for Stetson? I'm a homeschooler, have a ton of extra curriculars, did three years in a NJ public school, have been a florida resident since August 14, highest ACT score was 26 (31 reading, 21 math, 20 science, 10 writing, 28 English), Steep upward trend in grades, I'm certain that I'll end my classes with A or high B averages, two awesome letters of rec, and a really unique and meaningful essay. Thanks!!</p>

<p>Hey, </p>

<p>I'm currently a Stetson student. I know a lot about admissions, statistics, etc. Really, I know a lot about American colleges in general. I picked Stetson over 18 others that I applied to. Message me, and I will give you honest answers about Stetson. I've been bullied too, so really I want to talk to you about that. Stetson has had some bullying issues recently.</p>