Chance me? University of South Carolina HONORS COLLEGE

4.0 Unweighted
4.875 Weighted
32 ACT (34 Math 34 Reading 30 Writing 28 Science)
2130 SAT (760 Math 700 Writing 670 Reading)
Freshmen Year - Geometry, English, Biology, World History, and 4 bullshit electives (I was a dumb freshman)
Sophomore Year - AP Human Geography, Honors Chem, Honors English 2, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Pre-Calc, Food 1, Latin 1, Honors Microsoft Excel
Junior Year - AP Calc AB, AP Environmental Science, AP Calc BC, Latin 2, Honors Microsoft Word, Honors American History 1, Honors English 3, and Honors Foods 2.
Senior Year - AP Gov, AP Stat, AP Physics 1, Honors American History 2, Honors Holocaust&Genocide, Honors Business Law, Honors English 4, Honors Civics

^^^Summary: All core classes Honors, 7 AP’s total, all A’s.

Extra Curriculars
4 JV Cross Country letters (Captain 2 years)
11 years of piano
3 years of soccer
Founder of DREAM Club, VPJunior Year and President Senior Year
4 years of Environmental Club
2 years of Model UN Club
16 months of part-time (16 hr per week) job at a Retirement Community
NHS (2 years) and Secretary (1 year)
NTHS (1 year)
Go Club (4 years)
Accepted to and attended residential Biomedical engineering camp at NC State

I’m also an AP Scholar and won Superior Delegation at the App State Model UN Conference

DREAM Club is some club I started where we place incoming refugees in local homes - last year our big project was finding an apartment for a family from Syria and we got all the supplies and furniture and set it all up for them.

I wasn’t even considering USC until, like, last week when I started looking into the Honors College and now I reeeeeeally want to go. Based on my stats, how are my chances? My essays are ok right now, I’m getting them reviewed so hopefully they’ll be better. I’m really nervous aahhh ok thanks!
Oh also I live in NC. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

PS If anyone wants to guess my chances for UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, Davidson, NYU, or UVA while you’re at it that’d be great lol

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