chance me: university of Tampa

Hi everyone! I’m currently a freshman at Rutgers University in NJ and I’m looking to transfer to UT in the fall. I recently applied.
I have a lot of volunteer work and paid-work for my extra curriculars as well as club sports at Rutgers.
My ACT score is 24 and my high school GPA was a 3.78.
The only thing that is making me question my acceptance is my current college GPA. It is a 2.5. (Not to blame the poorness of my GPA on anything, but if you were wondering, I had some personal experiences that made school really tough and I rather not go into detail.)
With that said, I am wondering if I have any shot at all to transfer there. To me it seems like a long shot and I feel really stuck and unsure of where to go from here.
All constructive criticism and advice is really helpful. Thank you!