Chance me University of Toronto as an international student

Heyy guys! I’m an international students who goes to high school in the U.S… I will be applying to University of Toronto in the fall. Please chance me! Thank you <333

I go to public high school.
GPA: unweighted 4.0, weighted 4.67

Chinese 5
Chemistry 5
Language and composition 5
Physics 1 5
Art 5
US Government and Politics 5
US History 4
Calculus BC 4

SAT: 1440 (plan to take it again in the fall)
SAT II (Plan to take Math2 and Chemistry in the fall)

Organize art auction and fundraise for cancer research, president in senior year
Member of Youth Art for Healing for 4 years (last year is the president), paint for hospitals
Science Research and finished a paper
Track and field, crosscountry, 3 years
Teach a child art and reading, 3 year
Publish my art in magazine for 4 years
Volunteering teaching at rural country (art and English)

My first choice is Architecture, but I want to double major in philosophy or psychology. (For the portfolio I have my AP Art portfolio and some models, and I plan to add more 3D works.) Also, what’s my chance of getting in Engineering? (I heard that it’s very competitive.)

Thank you for reading! Chance me please!

U Toronto is pretty close to a safety for you for most majors. For architecture the portfolio review will count and I believe engineering admission is more holistic than most programs there.

Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

U of T engineering is not a safety for anyone. There are interviews and essays.

Admission to architecture will depend on your portfolio.

Yes, U of T would be close to a safety, assuming your individual SAT scores are both above 650, if you were applying to the Faculty of Arts and Science, except for commerce and computer science. Engineering (Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering) and architecture (Daniels Faculty) both have their own faculties and different admissions procedures. They are not safeties for anyone.

Thank you! For architecture, do you think the admission focus more on portfolio than on grades and other things? Is it very selective? Thank you again!

I don’t have any specific knowledge for architecture, but I would think that as long as you meet a minimum GPA, which you do, admission will depend on your portfolio.

The most recent available data is from 2016, but in that year, about 25% of students who listed architecture as their first choice, enrolled in the program. So, I’d estimate the acceptance rate to be about 30%.