Chance me University of Toronto International Student

3.3 GPA (weighted) not including senior year

International indian student studying in New Jersey

SAT; 1400

EC’s involve:

soccer for club outside of school
varsity track ( One of the captains of the Sprinting team)
volunteering at multiple places (over 100 hours)
internship at tax payers company
helped brother in marketing and establishing sales in photography company part owner as well
summer job at Dunkin Doughnuts

Highest level of math ap calc bc (end of senior year)

Ap’s include

AP Micro-
AP calc ab
AP calc bc
AP stat

4’s in all besides stat

Did swimming outside of school as well.
Part of the business club and part of JSA
Played the cello since 4th grade and am part of county orchestras. (second chair idk if that matters)
Was in philharmonic and toured to Finland and Italy for concerts. Won multiple competitions with school orchestra.

Let me know if I can get in and if not, why?

Also does canadian schools such as University of Toronto calculate gpa based on 9th and 10th grades as well because my 9th and 10th grades were utter garbage but managed to get really good grades junior and senior year.
Would an upward trend in grades help in acceptance?
Would an interview also help, and how do I set up one?

thanks :slight_smile:

Canadian universities look at grades 10, 11 and first term grade 12. They also look at UNWEIGHTED GPA, not weighted. EC’s are not considered. U of T does not do interviews.

What program are you applying to? Engineering, computer science and Rotman would likely be out of reach.

I want to apply to rotman but my unweighted is a 3.0. What is the whole supplymental application part. Don’t they look at ecs in that. How do you set up an interview with them? Do they have essays?

@vkt001 @TomSrOfBoston Rotman does a video interview. They also require essays. Extracurriculars are considered.

Your grades, especially English and calculus, are most important. You would need a higher GPA. What is your 11th grade GPA?

My English grades for 11th are above a 90 and my gpa for 11th was significantly better at 3.7-3.8 unweighted and 4.2 weighed. I took pre calc junior year and ended with a 96. I am taking calc ab and calc bc senior year.

What is your unweighted GPA if you completely ignore your grades from grade 9? Whatever you did in grade 9 will not matter at all to universities in Canada.

I also wonder whether you should be considering other universities in Canada in addition to Toronto. Generally speaking Toronto and McGill are the best known universities in Canada with UBC and Waterloo close behind. However, there are quite a few other very good universities up there.

Unweighted besides 9th is probably like a 3.4 ish. If I get like straight a’a first sem senior year, will that help?
Also does an upwards grade trend show improvement and help in admissions?

“If I get like straight a’a first sem senior year, will that help?”

It very well might. I would try to keep ahead and do well your senior year of high school.

An upward trend is good. Of course it is even better to start with straight A’s and stick with it, but this is not always possible. I have seen cases with students with a strong upward trend where some schools (not all) waited for their mid-year grades senior year before deciding. In most cases that I have seen the students were aware that this might happen and had worked hard and had very good grades for the first half of senior year.

Most of my experience with universities in Canada involves either schools in Quebec, or further east, or in BC. However, for the schools that I am familiar with in Canada they tend to send acceptances first to the students who are obviously going to be in (such as students who are close to the top of their high school). Students who are closer to the cut off are likely to hear later. Of course this does allow the university to ask for mid year grades in cases which are very close to the cutoff.

In all of the above I have missed your intended major. If it is engineering or computer science the cutoff is likely to be at a high GPA level compared to most other majors.

I still would encourage you to consider other universities in Canada (including other universities in Toronto) in addition to the University of Toronto.

I want to attend Rotman for finance. I am also planning to apply early action if they have it. Would they look at my junior year grades and make a decision or will they wait till second sem senior year based on my current stats. Also do they look at gpa for all years in highschool or only junior and senior year? Thx

Also, would applying early action help or hurt my chances of admission. When is the recommended date to apply early action if I were to do it?

UToronto and other Canadian universities do not have EA and ED options.

Does applying by the recommended date help chances of admission though?

The recommended date is a soft deadline. Applying by that date doesn’t “help”, but applying afterwards certainly hurts. Get your application in before that date. Pay special attention to any emails or portals. There is a supplementary application to Rotman that you should submit promptly. They will email you the supplement or send you the link in a portal after you apply.

Admission to Rotman is very competitive. They will admit some obvious admits starting in December. Most, but not all, acceptances are released by the end of March. Rejections are released in June. Admissions decisions are released about once a month. The timing depends on which college within U of T you apply for, as they have to admit you as well as the Faculty of Arts and Science.

They will likely wait for your first semester of senior year grades. They may even wait for the interim report for second semester grades.

U of T only looks at junior and senior year grades. Your 11th grade GPA is pretty good. Try to keep it up or improve on it in your senior year.

P.S. If you are interested in finance, you should also look at the Ivey program at Western.

Thanks for all the tips!!