Chance me! University of Washington- Seattle class of 2025

Hi! After doing a lot of research, I’ve fallen in love with UW. However, I know the application process is different and only around 38% of out of state applicants make it in. I don’t want to get my hopes up, so I’d love for some honestly on if I could get in.

4.3 GPA (weighted) and 3.8 (unweighted)
Never have gotten lower than a B
7 AP classes + 4 more senior year:
AP Seminar- 4
AP Gov- 5
AP Lang- 5
AP Bio- 4
AP Calc AB- 3
AP Research- 3

I got a 1310 on my SAT the first time (without studying) but I am retaking it in August and aiming for a 1400 or better

I was unable to take ACT due to Covid

AP Scholar with distinction (would’ve been National Scholar if program wasn’t discontinued for 2021)
I have my AP Capstone as well

Speech and debate state quarter finalist, qualifier for the Tournament of Champions, and 4th alternate to Nationals for Dramatic interpretation
Squad leader for Interpretation squad in speech and debate
Theater throughout high school
4 years of select choir
Section leader in choir
Over 180 hours of community service
Link Crew member (selective club where upperclassmen help incoming freshman)

I don’t have many after school activities, but I am very dedicated to the clubs and groups I am a part of.

I don’t know exactly what the topic of my essay will be yet.

I would say you have a decent chance. Your course rigor is great, you’ve got good grades. Your SAT may seem slightly low, but I would still submit it because it is still above average (no submission would make admissions officers assume the worst). It really would all come down on what you want to major in, but even with that, I would say you’re in a solid place. Your extracurriculars also seem good, so I wouldn’t stress out too much. There’s not much you can do now.


My daughter (Class of 2023) applied to a variety of schools last year, including UW. We are also out of state (Virginia residents) and she ended up attending William & Mary. She had similar stats as you (3.85 UW GPA, 4.05 W GPA, 1420 SAT, decent EC’s and decent AP scores) and was accepted to UW. Your GPA is great and so is your course rigor. Your EC’s are also good, with leadership positions, too. If you can get your SAT to the 1370-1430 range, then you will have a great shot getting into UW. (Perhaps a 40-60 percent chance.) I know college applications can be quite stressful, and I wish you the best of luck with UW. You definitely have a great shot!

UW is test optional this year due to COVID so no need to submit the low score. They have said that they don’t know how they will treat any high scores that they receive (meaning will they be test blind or optional?). In the past, they say the SAT score has never been heavily weighted. They focus more on GPA/course rigor and essays.

Hey guys can anyone tell me what are my chances getting into UW?

I am a sophomore this upcoming fall attending a 4 year out of state university (University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley) in pre-nursing. I’m looking into transferring into UW pre-nursing knowing that I’m not able to transfer directly into the program because I’m missing a few prereq classes, so I’ll work on those while also getting clinical experiences outside before applying to the next cycle. I have 52 semester credits at the moment and I currently have a 3.9 cumulative gpa and finishing this upcoming semester, assuming I get all As again I would finish around a 3.93 cumulative gpa. I have a couple of questions regarding if I ever transfer to UW. During high school I had a 2.8 gpa so I know that there will be a huge positive academic trend there. UW also doesn’t require an SAT/ACT score since July 11 so I won’t submit those.

  • Knowing that I have over 52 semester credits worth, a 3.9 gpa at the moment in college, what are my chances of getting accepted to UW with those stats? I know there is an application to fill out and the personal statement but I want to know the stats regarding number wise.
  • My parents also have been working in Seattle for a year now, therefore they count as residents, but when I apply will I be counted as in-state student or out of state student?
  • Is it worth transferring to UW as a pre-nursing major? I will end up finishing all my prerequisites for the nursing school in the university I am currently attending so that I can apply by the end of the semester before the winter quarter starts but I am widening my options just in case I don’t get to the nursing school here.
  • Also can anyone tell me how the credit transfer works in UW, do they review it themselves as to determine if they will accept it or not or do they go by the book of transfer equivalency sheet?

@AstroSolaris I would strongly recommend not transferring anywhere as a pre-nursing major. If you don’t get into the major, you’d be looking at yet another transfer. Each transfer costs time (to do applications) and money (because inevitably less than 100% of credits transfer and you have to repeat some classes). Transfer to a school that gives you a spot in nursing.