Chance me? (University Transfer Applicant) (School of Engineering)

<p>Current University: Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences
Transferring in as a sophomore
GPA: 4.0 (just from first semester)
US/Intl: US
Anti-Hooks: Asian
First semester transcript (18 credits): Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis, Intro to Linear Algebra, First Year Russian 101, Intro to Creative Writing, Intro to Computer Science
Second semester transcript (15 credits): Data structures, Intro to Film, Digital Storytelling, First Year Russian 102</p>

<p>SAT: 2340, one sitting (800 Math, 760 Reading, 780 Writing)
SAT II: 800 Biology, 790 Math II, 780 Chemistry
High School Final GPA: 3.8 UW, 4.25 W (unknown rank, school doesn't allow students to know)</p>

-Rescue Squad EMT-certified volunteer since April, 2012
-Started a club at Rutgers (Billiards Club) just because it didn't exist and I love pool
-Worked at a tutor center (Mathnasium), tutoring kids for 3 months grades 1-11
-(TENTATIVE) I've been working on a 120+ page screenplay and hope to finish it by the time I'm applying to college and submit it as an arts supplement</p>

<p>(High School)
-Reading/Math Buddy Volunteer at local library for a few months
-Volunteered at a hospital's emergency room for half a year
-Part of my school's Key club chapter
-Was a waiter/busboy for 2 months
-Was a cosmetics packer for a good 5 months (some under-the-table job)
-FBLA and MSA member
-Don't know if this counts for anything, but I've played cello and piano since about the 4th grade... haven't really won anything significant though
-Languages: Chinese, English, Conversational Spanish (took the AP exam, but collegeboard lost my exam, so... nothing for that but a refund and lost time), and I guess now basic Russian</p>

-Rutgers University Presidential Scholarship (Full ride, ~$25,000/year)
-Dean's list</p>

<p>(High School)
-National AP Scholar (5's on Calc BC, US History, Psychology, Biology, Macro, Micro, English Language, English Literature, Physics C Mechanics)
-NJ Science League (1st Biology II Team in state, 3rd Chemistry I Team in state)
-Junior Engineering Technical Society 2nd team in country out of 291 teams (10/11 Division)
-Merck State Science Day 4th Team in NJ, 34th/380 individually (2012)
-High school's honor roll all 4 years
-Math and Science Honors Society
-Attended a TEDxYouth Conference back in 2011 (won an essay contest)
(I was a science-heavy kid in high school. But I ultimately didn't know what I wanted to do so... first time college applications came around...)</p>

<p>Attempting to double major in film studies and computer science (inter-school double major into College of Arts and Sciences)</p>

<p>It’s really difficult to say much about the chances of transfer students as there’s little published info. With a 4.0 at Rutgers and a strong profile, I would be pretty confident, but again, we really just don’t know how competitive it is. </p>