Chance me up, Brown please!

<p>Region: Mid-West
School: Sends 1 person to an ivy every 2 years- usually
Class Size:675
Race: 50/50 White / Asian Indian</p>

<p>GPA(Frosh-Sr.)3.745 UW
GPA(Soph-Sr.)3.933 UW
GPA(Soph-Jr)3.900 UW
Listed the ones w/o freshmen for schools that don't count freshmen year
All 4+ with weights</p>

<p>AP Tests:
US History 5
Calculus BC 5
Calculus AB 5
Statistics 5
Biology 5
Physics 5</p>

Math IIC - 800
Physics - 800
Literature - 700(May retake)</p>

36(lol, pure luck)</p>

*Three years of Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate, qualifying to Nationals of Debate in my junior year - Top 25 at Nationals
*Work experience over the summer at Best-Buy
*(Unsure as of now, I'd estimate 100+) Hours of Community Service
*member of National Honors Society
*President of Community Service Club
*Creator of Mu Alpha Theta chapter at my school
*Tutor for 4th grade students in various subjects for two years.
*Tutor for 9th,10th,11th grade students for Algebra II, Trig, Algebra I, Geometry, and Calculus for one year
*Varsity Tennis Player for two years(Love to play on a Varsity Team at any of these universities) Possible Candidate for Captain</p>

<p>Summer Programs:
*Stanford Debate Camp twice
*Spanish course at local university

*AP Scholar
*Top Math Student at my school
*Top Science Student at my school</p>

Probably the ONE thing I'm confident about- I love expressing myself through the written word- and I feel I can do extremely well at this part.</p>

<p>Reccomendations: Very confident, all three have nominated me for countless things and the teachers have known me for 4 years and the professor since I was four.
*AP Statistics Teacher
*Chemistry Teacher
*Top Professor at local University</p>

<p>Possible ED- can't decide between Prince, Harvard, Columbia, and Dartmouth- I like all of the schools for different reasons- but If I were to RD would I have a good chance? What about ED? I don't really want to choose which of the four I want to ED to until I know for sure which one I have the best chance of being admited to. Thanks!</p>

<p>Ignore the freakin title, I was talkin' to a friend who was discussing Brown with me, sorry!!!</p>

<p>Play up debate and you've got a very strong shot.</p>

<p>I'd say you're almost guaranteed considering you went to USAMO. My friend, a math genius, got into MIT, Caltech, and all these other places with a 3.1 GPA and USAMO. I'm not sure if people on these boards know just how strong USAMO is...considering I doubt anyone at Dartmouth is really that talented at math.</p>

<p>My question is: Why aren't you applying to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton?</p>

<p>He (or she) is applying to Harvard. I just read his separate posting on their board.</p>

<p>What is USAMO?</p>

<p>United States of America Mathematics Olympiad- basically you pass the AMC12 and then pass the AIME (by far the hardest math tests I've ever taken), and you compete(very rough outline of what you gotta do :P)</p>

<p>Actually, talking up ur debate will do you little good. There's no DDI for L-D, and go talk to Ken Strange - they do policy debate, not L-D at Dartmouth...</p>