Chance Me ( Updated !)

Hello! I am applying to numerous bs as an incoming freshman
St Pauls
Grades: 6th grade was all B’s And A’s
7th : Final grades 2 'B’s 5 A’s
8: All A’s
Extracurriculars: Dedicated dancer and Violin and Cello Player,also swim but wasn’t emphazized on my app
Intrests -History ,Politics ,Government
Teacher Reccs-
Math :Blind
Reading: Assuming it’s good
Guidance-Blind but I think its good
Personal: Great ,he really enjoys me as a student and person
Extra: Great
Essays : I think they were really good , I followed @Calliemomofgirls
A couple of them,the topic was about my dad being a big part of my life but mostly my essays had to do with my challenge trying to fit in culturally and the other ones were about facing colorism.My andover essay had to do with history and I think it was one of my most well written essays

Interviews (the best part)
Andover: It went so well! we connected on so many levels ,she had so many positive comments to tell me at the end.
Loomis : By far one of the best interview. We laughed and were talking for almost 2 hours. Also connected on many levels.
Choate: This one was a little neutural. It was very conversational but it wasn’t my best.
Taft: This interview went very well, we talked for a long time and she sent me a beautiful email which was very personal,saying I would be a wonderful addition to the community.
Exeter: This one went very well,also very conversational ,we ended up getting into a topic about tik tok which was funny. She said I was very mature and she kept checking to see if I was seriously entering as a freshman.
Deerfield: This one went well,he complimented me on a lot of things,we told a lot of stories.He did say something that struck me as odd but I will not share it .
Hotchkiss: This one was great! We talked about tv shows, also connected on so many levels and shared a bunch of interests.
Middlesex: This one went well,my sister is an alum and shes on the board there.We talked a lot about histore (it is my favorite subject ),He was so nice and it was very conversational
Lawrencville: This one was ok. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best. It was a nice conversation though.
Concord : Didn’t interview
St Paul’s : Very dry conversation,wasn’t bad.
Cushing: Wasn’t the best ,however the interviwer seemed to be rushing it.
Notable mentions: I’ve gotten published in a book for my poem, I was the captain of my drill team and also president of NEHS. I am a current canidate for NJHS.Didn’t submit SSAT scores. A con is I need full fiancial aid. Also I am black -african from NJ so over represented area but URM
Thank you !

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Well, I’m not a professional at chancing people (I’m a mere applicant just like you), but I can say that you are a strong candidate!

However, can you please elaborate on your dancing, violin playing, and cello playing? How long have you been doing each of them? How skilled are you? Have you sent a video of your dancing, violin playing, and cello playing to the schools you’re applying to?

Full financial aid is an issue, especially during the pandemic, but Andover is need-blind.Being an African American puts you at an advantage, and it’ll bolster your already strong application! :slight_smile:

Hi there! With M10 around the corner, you must be both excited and nervous.

Based on your summary, I think there is a good chance that you will end up with multiple admissions. The email from your Taft AO somewhat gave it away - “You would make a great addition to our community.” I think that is a strong stamp of approval.

Your chances should also be good with MX for reasons that I do not need to reiterate.

You might want to consider calling or e-mailing your AO and politely inquire about your status or reiterate your desire to attend. At this point, most decisions are already made, and some AOs will give hints (IF they really like you) while most others may choose to adhere strictly to their rules of confidentiality. The point is, you have nothing to lose in either scenario.

Do keep us up with the results and your final choice. Best of luck!

Thank you! I should’ve probably updated this when Exeter’s dance instructor gave her support on my behalf to the admissions committee but I will definitely let you know what happens!:heart:

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For the sake of future readers, I’ll add a different perspective from what @CarnegieDad shared. I do NOT think that an AO saying you’d be a great addition to the community is “giving it away.” Our experience is that this language is pretty common and doesn’t hint at acceptance. I think it’s an honest comment and certainly a positive one but lots of kids would be a “great addition” and not all will be accepted.

That said, @njscholor1129 i think you have a strong profile and I think you will have options on M10.

As for calling the AO now to try to get hints — my gut reaction is a pretty strong no at this point. I think interrupting an AO during their craziest week of the year to fish around for hints is NOT a “you’ve got nothing to lose” scenario at all. I think it will annoy them which would be a horrible idea if you were still in the maybe pile.

My caveat: I’m just a mom of two kids who have gone through the process so it may well be that others with more knowledge would disagree with me on this.


Yeah,I think I can wait it out until M10 without getting hints :slight_smile: Also I don’t want to get my hopes up too high

Well @njscholor1129 allow me to have high hopes for you because I am cheering for you next Wednesday and I think you will have a great M10! I’m excited to see where you end up!

That means a lot ,Thank you !

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