Chance Me! UPenn ED (Wharton)

Please let me know if you think I’ll be able to get into Wharton ED, or any other schools that might be good for me. I’m kind of lost in life and I have no idea what to do for the future, and I would appreciate all the feedback and advice I could get.

I’m an Asian girl from a pretty well-off, competitive high school.

SAT Math II: 750
SAT: 1500 superscore (790 M 710 R)
ACT 34 (35W 35M 36R 28S)
Rank: 44/875
GPA: 5.5526/6.0 (weighted)

By the time of my graduation, I will have taken 16 AP’s:

Freshman year: 1 (AP Human Geography (4))
Sophomore year: 3 (AP Psychology (5), AP World History (5), AP Calculus BC (4))
Junior year: 5 (AP Statistics (4), AP Physics (3), AP Spanish 4 (4), AP English 3 (4), AP CS Principles)
Senior year: 7 (AP Physics 2, AP Calculus BC, AP English 5, AP Spanish 5, AP Macroeconomics, AP Government, AP Computer Science A)


  1. I started my own consulting company to help local businesses find modern and cheap solutions to business problems. I worked with a small home rental company called. YEZ inc. to bring more value to their homes. and increase customer satisfaction, so the tenets would be willing to pay higher prices.

  2. I started another company with a friend to help local businesses take advantage of social media marketing, creating Facebook ads for their target demographics and creating content. Worked with a restaurant, karate dojo, and a Gideon Math and Reading Center.

  3. Guest Lecture: I gave a lecture at a Triveni College in India. about my business experiences and comparing business mannerisms in America vs India.

  4. DFW Airport: I’ve been. volunteering at the airport to help foreigners feel welcome and be able to navigate the airport better.

  5. I was the president of our school’s Economics club, where we analyzed various aspects of the economy and how they’re connected in the market, such as the box office returns.

  6. I was an assistant teacher at an organization called Manabadi to help teach local kids Telugu, my mother tongue.

  7. Chinmaya Mission/Carnatic Music: I immersed myself in different parts of my culture, learning and memorizing scriptures and songs.

  8. DECA: I was a state finalist 2 years in a row in the Marketing Management Team Decision Making sector.

  9. I wrote a lot of stories for fun and won a few local contests, but nothing too big.


I don’t know how to judge my own essays, but other people have told me that they’re pretty good. My supplementals are definitely not the best though. I’d say they’re pretty average. Please email me if you’d like to look at them, I would appreciate feedback on them as well :slight_smile: (7-8/10)

Rec Letters:

My outside rec letter is pretty good, and my Stat’s. teacher’s rec letter is not bad. My other teacher rec letter hasn’t been written yet, but I’m sure it’s fine too. (7-8/10)

Sorry for that HUGE essay! Please let me know what you guys think about my chances, and if theres anywhere else that I could try for, I really really appreciate all the help I can. get.

Your ECs are impressive. But the volunteer service, writing and the Carnatic music seems to be a very small part of the application and would likely come across as gap filing. If you haven’t done them for too long, don’t mention them. Focus on the business related activities. Wharton is a reach for almost everyone, but I think you have a decent shot.
Best of Luck. :slight_smile:

I THINK YOU HAVE A GOOD SHOT, your scores are very strong.