Chance Me? (UPenn, UCLA, UChicago, etc)

Hi! I am a rising high school senior interested in the following schools:
William and Mary
Carnegie Mellon
Claremont McKenna

I was wondering what my chances are for these schools!
Race: White
Intended Major: Business or Economics, and Voice
ACT: 34 C (36 Reading, 35 English, 33 Math, 33 Science)
SAT Subject: US History:720, Chemistry: 650, Taking Math II in the fall
AP: Chemistry (3), Art History (5), English Lang (5), US History (5)

Unweighted GPA: 4.0 (For all three years)
Weighted: 4.6

Freshman: World Cultures, HN Geometry, HN English, Chorus, Religion, HN Bio, Spanish 2
Sophomore: AP US History, HN Alg 2, HN American Lit, HN Chemistry, Spanish 3, Chorus, Religion
Junior: AP Chem, AP English Lang, AP Art History, HN Spanish 4, Advanced Vocal Studies, Religion, HN Precalc
Senior: AP Calc BC, AP Physics, AP Spanish, AP English Lit, HN Political Philosophy, Advanced Vocal Studies, Religion

VP of theatre (leads in all musicals)
Section leader of top vocal group as well as member of 4 other vocal groups
church cantor
President and Founder of Marketing and Investments Club
Student GOV for two years
Varsity Swim and Dive freshman year
Piano lessons for 11 years
Voice lessons
Numerous Solo National Anthem performances, as well as one for President Obama

Volunteer Work
current summer spent in Chile teaching English in an impoverished school
last summer was spent working in a summer program for low income kids teaching them math and reading (150 hours)

Letters of Rec

1: from my HN Precalc teacher, who I will have next year as well. I was the best student in his class and worked extremely hard, so I think the recommendation will be great.

2: From my Spanish teacher-- I am her favorite student and she loves the fact that I went to immerse myself in Spanish this summer in Chile, so it will be a great recommendation.

Extra Rec: The Director of Choral Arts at my school, who I am practically best friends with. She has written me a rec before, and it was great.
Counselor Rec: I am extremely close with my counselor, and she was my Art History teacher as well, so she can attest to my personality and my academic skills.

I would appreciate any advice you could give!! Thanks!

I can’t really speak for the other schools, but you definitely have a good chance of getting accepted to Carnegie Mellon. It depends on whether you’d do ED and also which college within CMU you’d apply to (Econ is within Dietrich, business is Tepper), but with your scores and EC’s your a strong candidate. While you probably couldn’t do a major in voice because it’s time consuming and very tough to get into (one of my best friends was wait listed and ultimately rejected from the voice program, but I’ve heard her sing and she’s AMAZING), there are other vocal activities on campus like Scotch 'n Soda theatre.

Good luck!

UPenn: 10%
UChicago: 5%
William and Mary: 70%
Harvard: 5%
UMichigan: Which one?
UCLA: 70%
Columbia: 5%
Fordham: 60%
Northwestern: 40%
Carnegie Mellon: 70%
Claremont McKenna: 65%

It looks like you’re a solid student. Your chances for the reach schools like Harvard and UChicago are low, but that is not because you’re a weak student. Your scores, extra-curriculars and letters of rec will make you very competitive for these schools, but the reality is, most qualified applicants will be denied. Keep up the good work, although the Ivies will be tough, you have a good chance of getting into many top-tier schools.

Harvard: 10%
UChicago: 15%
Columbia: 15%
UPenn: 20%
Claremont McKenna: 20%
Northwestern: 25%

UCLA: 40%
Carnegie Mellon: 45%
William and Mary: 65%
UMichigan: 65%

Fordham: 95%