Chance me - UPenn/Wharton ED - applying fall 2022

For my son applying this fall 2022 UPENN ED/Wharton

  • GPA - 4.0 unweighted 4.39 weighted - #1 in class but school does not rank - counselor will discuss it in their recommendation
  • VA Public School - Business Academy. Capstone Diploma candidate.
  • AP Micro (4), AP Macro (4), AP Human (4), AP Euro (4), AP US History (5), AP Psych (4)
    -Sr year taking AP Government , AP Language , AP Research, AP Computer Science, AP Biology
  • Many Duel Enrollment Business Classes from community college
  • Class President Sophomore & Senior Year
  • Varsity Tennis 4 yrs, Captain
  • DECA state winner and board positions
  • Eagle Scout candidate will complete Dec 2021
  • SAT Verbal 740 Math 700 - taking it again but not sure if should submit since optional
  • Should be PSAT Commended Scholar
    -Started 501c3 Non Profit over 3 years that expanded to multiple cities throughout the country- newspaper and tv stations reported and have received some scholarships for this.
    -UPenn Legacy - Father, grandfather & cousins attended college (not Wharton).

I think that your son has a good chance of gaining admission. Good luck!

Wharton is a reach even with legacy and what looks to be some good business ECs, and the 1440 well below the 25%ile of Class of 2025 admitted students (1500-1560 mid 50% range). So, he will need to apply test optional, unless that score goes up to 1530 or so (IMO of course). The many AP scores of 4 aren’t going to help either.

With that said, if he wants to take his shot he should. If family has donated regularly to Penn that will help as well. Good luck.

Update - Super-scored SAT is now 1500 (740 V 760 M)

That score should be high enough to send. Does your son take AP Calculus AB or BC? I was told at an information session that Wharton strongly prefers students who have taken advanced placement calculus (and got a good score on the AP calculus exam)

:point_up_2: I’ve heard this too. From Wharton’s admissions page (emphasis mine):

In applicants to the Wharton School, we would like to see:

  • An interest in business to fuel positive change to advance the world’s economic and social well-being
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Strong preparation in mathematics, particularly calculus

Ge took Calculus AB - received A but did not score high enough to submit

does AB vs BC really matter? as long as its AP