Hi all,

I am a current senior at a well-known private school in Florida. I want to do biology/pre med in college and minor in poli sci. Richmond had done nothing but impress me and the Princeton review rankings really blew me away. i plan on applying EA and want to know my chances.

here is my info:

-1520 SAT; 770 verbal, 750 math
-3.83 GPA weighted, 5.25 unweighted
-will have 10 AP classes by the time I graduate

  • National merit semi finalist
  • 4 years varsity soccer (captain 1 year); 5 years club soccer but I stopped after sophomore year
  • 3 years model UN (vice president 2 years); 2 awards (one national, one local)
  • I volunteer to play sports with disabled kids every weekend in my community
  • 4 honor societies (NHS, Rho Kappa, NEHS, Hispanic Honor Society)
  • on the board of the scholar athletes club at my school, which includes lots of community service and organizing prep events at school
  • on the board of key club
  • im also in a club that meets weekly and discusses politics
  • my school doesn’t do class rank, so I don’t really know where I stand
  • I’ve played the saxophone for 6 years but don’t plan on continuing in college
  • hobbies include cooking and baking
  • I think my rec letters are pretty good because I asked two teachers (math and social studies) who know me well (one is even my MUN advisor)

Senior year courses:

  • AP calc AB
  • AP enviro
  • AP lit
  • AP gov
  • AP Physics 1
  • Honors economics

anything helps THANKS :slight_smile:

I think you have a very good chance!
According to Bigfuture (on CB) this is what is important when applying to Richmond.

Very Important
Academic GPA
Rigor of secondary school record

Application Essay
Character/Personal Qualities
Class Rank
Extracurricular Activities
Standardized Test Scores

Alumni Relation
First generation college student
Geographical Residence
Level of Applicant’s Interest
Racial/Ethnic Status
State Residency
Volunteer Work
Work Experience

I’m applying EA there as well, and you seem like a very competitive applicant. Good luck!

One more thing. I noticed that you aren’t taking AP Bio this year. Have you already taken it? If you intend to study bio/pre-med even if you also minor in poli sci, AP Bio may look good. That’s just my opinion though. What other AP courses have you taken and have you done well on those exams?

I took AP Bio my sophomore year and got a 5 on the exam. So far, Ive taken 5 ap exams and have gotten one 4 and 5s on the rest.

Good luck applying EA!