Chance me: USF University of South Florida


  • US citizen (dual citizen)
  • State/Location of residency: Tampa FL
  • Type of high school : Public
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity (optional): Female/ White/ Turkish
  • Other special factors *: Early graduate junior, first-gen immigrant, moved from Turkey, fluent in Turkish

Intended Major(s)
Political Science

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.11
  • Weighted HS GPA (incl. weighting system): 3.59
  • Class Rank: 405/624
  • ACT/SAT Scores: SAT: 1110 (640 Reading, 460 Math)


  • AP Psych (currently taking it)
  • AP Microeconomics (currently taking it)
  • Dual ENC1101 : received an A
  • Dual ENC1102 (taking next semester)
  • Dual AMH2010 (currently taking it)
  • Dual AMH2020 (taking next semester)
  • Dual SLS1106: Recieved B
  • Dual MATH1314 (taking next semester)
  • Spanish 1 and 2
  • Taken alg 1, geo, MCR (math college readiness), currently in alg 2, taking dual college algebra next semester

Extracurriculars (I believe USF does not look at essays and extracurriculars)

  • 200 volunteer hours
  • Worked a job for almost all of soph. year
  • Model United Nations historian
  • 6 years club swimming
  • 3 years varsity swimming


  • 2 LORs

University of South Florida (USF- Tampa Campus) has 49% acceptance rate
-Applying priority decision

Congrats on all you’ve done - a heavy load with DE.

I’m not a counselor but I don’t see you getting in.

Your ethnicity won’t help at Florida schools. USF is getting increasingly more difficult.

Your 1160 is right at the 25th percentile but your math is well below the 580 25th percentile.

91% are from the top 50% of the class and you are well below.

61% had a 4.0 weighted and less than a quarter were in your range.

There are Florida schools that will work - but not the USF main campus - in my opinion.

Best of luck.

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I applied for summer and was wondering if that would possibly increase by chances.

Do you work at USF by any chance?

I don’t know the answer about summer. I know FSU was letting kids in summer - that didn’t make the fall cut.

I would go on an info session - either virtual or in person and I’m sure they will cover that - or you can simply ask the question.

While I travel to Tampa for work, I do not work for USF - no.

What is about USF - vs. say an FAU or FGCU?

Take your chance but make sure you have a back up plan - whether another campus (not sure if the other USF admissions is different or a two year school) or another Florida university.

Good luck to you

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I would apply for the St. Pete campus summer session. I think you will have a better chance of getting accepted. Still a reach

I also applied priority decision for summer 2023!!!

Do you think it would be possible for me to get into summer Tampa campus? I applied for summer 2023 and applied priority decision.

I think you are looking for someone to tell you - yes - but that’s not how it works.

You’ve already been told it’s a reach.

None of us are admission officers so we can only give our opinion.

But we are going to give you our objective opinion, not the one you want to hear.

No matter how many times you ask you’re going to get told it’s a reach - because your stats are not within range - with your math SAT - even for a non-STEM major- worrisome as is your GPA.

Hence you need a back up plan - with the same early deadlines - whether it’s an FGCU, FAU type school or community college.

Best of luck to you.


It will be a reach at any campus. Why are you graduating early?
your GPA, Rank, and Scores are at or below the bottom 25%

One of these below you could overcome but all three with no hook. ie recruited athlete or Fine arts that required an audition is almost impossible to overcome.

There is more demand for the main campus Tampa, that is why I would apply to St. Pete. “still a reach” It is the same degree and you can switch campuses your sophomore year.
Since you are local I would apply local community college if your heart is set on USF, they have pathway to USF with guarantee admission after you have your AA degree

As others have stated look at FGCU, FAU also UNF


Summer will help. Look at the numbers.

You are right – essays and ECs do not matter.
I think you have a decent chance with English as your major or political science.
Worst case, do a semester at a CC and apply as transfer.

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good find

Guess why? LOL

Good luck to your son!! Too.

It’s a bit better for OP - still a tad reach but not a huge reach.

This will not change your odds of acceptance IMO. USF is now one university and student can take courses at all campuses without notice.

The admissions process is the same for all campuses now. In addition, USF is a stats hungry school. They are obsessed with climbing rankings.

I would transfer to USF if you really want to go here. You’ll have a much easier time getting in if you meet the transfer gpa.

Your degree will look the same from all three campuses.

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