Chance me! UVM

ACT: 31
SAT: 1360
4.0 UW GPA
boarding school student, average-strong extracurriculars, a couple APs

Applications to UVM have dropped recently, resulting in a ~75% acceptance rate. As an apparently qualified applicant, I think your own chances may land at close to 100%.

I also think that your chances of admission are very strong. Your GPA is great. Your SAT is right at their 75th percentile (according to Prepscholar, which might be out of date).

Are you in-state? If not then UVM is a bit expensive for out of state students unless you get a presidential scholarship. At least for us the NPC for UVM was correct about predicting merit based financial aid.

Burlington VT is a great small city. It is however the only place where I still get carded (it is very obvious that I am way, way over 21).