Chance me? (Vassar and Wesleyan)

My two main reach schools are Vassar and Wesleyan.
I’ve taken 4 years of science (but doubled up 2 of those years so all around 6 classes), 4 years of language, 3.5 years history, 4 years math, and 4 years English.
My unweighted GPA is a 3.7. I’ve taken as many AP classes as possible (this year my only non-AP class is Spanish IV).
My SAT scores are currently 1900-
710 Reading
570 Math
620 Writing
I took them again and am waiting to get my scores back. I didn’t really study but have had more math prep and felt like it was over all easier. My score will improve 100 pts max but that is a stretch. I’m also taking two subject tests. I expect to do well on the Literature test and fairly well on Chemistry.
I’m part of NHS, International Club, Pony Club, Yearbook Committee, Cross Country team, and tutor at the local elementary school. My teacher recommendations are good, but nothing special. My essay is pretty unique because it is about growing up on a farm and living in a rural area. I think it will make me stand out as a candidate.
I plan on studying Anthropology and going on to graduate school to work in international public health.
I haven’t decided which school yet, but I will probably be applying to one of these early decision, which will ideally improve my chances. Any idea which school I should apply to ED? What are my chances of getting into these schools (ED and normal)?
Thanks for any and all help!

Your SAT overall is in the bottom 25% of admitted students at both Vassar and Wesleyan, which won’t change even if you get the 100 points.

I never understand when somebody with SATs that are low for the selectivity of the college that they are applying to says that they didn’t study for the SAT. I am not a believe in SAT uber alles, but if you are applying to these schools you had to know that your scores are very low, and it is something that you can train for.

Your self-assessment of your essay as making you stand, as excellent and unique is promising- as long as it is for the quality of the essay, not just that you grew up in a rural area. That is not as unique as you might think.

From this post (and your other one) I don’t get a sense at all of what your interests are, what you have really done with yourself, where your focus and drive are. Based just on these two posts I don’t see anything to chance you on except a solid but not exceptional GPA, a rigorous course load, weak SATs and kind of meh ECs. That doesn’t mean your ECs really are meh, just that their is no evidence that you have invested anything in any of them or that any of them reflect anything about you. Two weeks in SA at an AIDs conference sounds grand, but without any context it doesn’t mean anything.

Why did you pick these two schools? have you been to either/both? What about them makes them seem to you as if they are just the right fit for you?

I think Wesleyan is test optional. You might want to consider not sending in your scores.

@Falcon1 is right- I’d forgotten that.

Beloit is tops for Anthropology. Try Wesleyan without your test scores. Good luck!

Wesleyan is a reach if you don’t submit scores. Completely out of reach if you do.
Vassar is not test-optional so that’s out of reach as well.