Chance Me: Villanova - EA business school

chance me getting into villanova:

applied EA
intended major: business (didn’t realize how competative VSB was, would change my major to communication but too late in process)

white + hispanic background

school does not do rank but I would be within top 15% if i had to estimate

IB diploma student (3 HLs, 3 SLs junior + senior year)
UW gpa : 96.5
W gpa: 98.3

ACT: 32 (submitted score)

-strong ECs (3 prominent ones/leadership positions, a few more general member/lower tier ones)
-DECA aka business club, received awards for this and involved all 4 years of HS
-JV/varsity athlete + club team outside of school
-part-time job
-two national honor societies, seal of biliteracy

-very strong letters of rec
-counselor rec (presumably) is strong too
-supplemental + common app essays are decent - i am a good writer but the NOVA essays are not my proudest work unfortunately…i did mention some of their core values/mentioned i took a tour & loved the spirit of the campus so hopefully that doesn’t go unnoticed

Based upon the information you shared, I think you have a better than 50% chance of being admitted - although definitely not safe.

Regarding your other post with Lehigh - same comment applies.

Good luck!

Any updates?