Chance me Virginia Tech class of 2025

Hey y’all. I applied EA to VT for HNFE in college of agriculture and life sciences and I’m not too sure ab my chances.

Stats and info:

Male, White (North African)

Location: In state, NOVA (v competitive school)

GPA: 3.58 W (big upward trend, several AP and honors classes) school doesnt do unweighted or class rank

SAT: 1410 (Math 710, English 700)

31 (35 Eng, 32 Reading, 30 Science, 28 math)

okay, not fantastic but decent

Varsity track/field for 4 years, competed at state championships
Tons of volunteering with my church and independently (founded my own service initiative)
Summer job for 2 years, worked as a lifeguard and was promoted to assistant supervisor
Varsity Cross country

Major Applied for: HNFE, College of Ag/Life Sciences

Thank You!

Forgot to mention:
freshman yr: 3.1
Soph yr: 3.4
Junior yr: 4.2
Senior (current yr): 4.3

I think you definitely have a shot for instate, but I wouldn’t say its a guarantee just because school like VT can sometimes be tricky. You should be proud of your work though and good luck.