Chance me Virginia Tech

Hi everyone, I was hoping the community could gauge my chances of receiving admission to Virginia Tech.

Weighted GPA: 3.99
SAT: 1500 (800 math, 700 reading)

VTech would be a safety for you with those stats. Just have good essays and show demonstrated interest, there should be no reason for them to not accept you.

@VaTechLover Is this for class of 2025? Probably want to wait until your final GPA has been calculated at end of spring semester.

That said. Yes you have a chance. That’s about as accurate a guess as you’re going to get on CC.

@izrk02 You may want to take a look at this year’s results threads. And VT’s CDS was updated last year to show that level of interest is no longer considered by admissions.

@ShenVal18 I’m quite aware that VTech doesn’t track demonstrated interest, however, it can be the difference between a high stats kid get accepted or rejected. Schools don’t want to be the safety, and with a 1500+ SAT, VTech looks like a safety. Showing demonstrated interest can never hurt.

I get the point that if the school sees a high stat they may think the student is only applying there as a safety . But, the student shouldn’t consider VT as a safety for themself just based on a stat. VT deferred or wait-listed a ton of kids with high SAT’s the past several years, a ton of which probably thought they were safe.

Applying early decision is a student’s best opportunity to show confirmed interest, IMO much moreso than an uninvited attachment to an application. Tech is pretty clear on what they do and don’t want with an app - I sometimes wonder if applicants who go outside those parameters (e.g. send letter of rec anyway, etc.) may be docked a little for not following instructions. Wouldn’t surprise me.

If VT is your 1st choice school, plan to apply ED, as long as you know your family can afford the costs. If not, EA is strongly recommended. Admission chances will depend a lot on what major you choose. Engineering (including Computer Science), for example, is much more competitive than Liberal Arts or Agriculture.

I want to major in business/finance. Would that help my case or hurt it?


Business and finance aren’t necessarily super popular or under-populated. It won’t really help like liberal arts would or hurt like mechanical engineering would.

@VaTechLover Since you have started a 2025 chance-me thread at least 6 months before they usually occur, you may want to read the most recent year’s threads on chances and results. From there you will be able to reach the same conclusion - yes, no, maybe. Usually less than 1/2 of 1% of the applicants to VT post results on these forums. A ton of 2024 “chance-me’s” never returned to post their results. So the data from the chance-me group can’t reliably be correlated to the actual results. Check with our guidance office and see if they have stats for your HS or if they use Naviance (if they use Naviance you should already have access to that data). Even that small sample size is probably going to be as accurate as the feedback you receive here. It’s all a guess, no matter how well/emphatically it’s packaged.

I wouldn’t think of it as a safety school - they look at a lot more then stats (and frankly while your SAT is good your weighted GPA is a little low to consider it a safety … but every schools weighting is different as ShenVal18 mentions - so in your school that may be top of class).

Make sure good essays, if your top choice do Early Decision, otherwise do Early Action. Do not apply Regular Decision (think of Early Action as regular decision). For business you are very competitive.

Pamplin College of Business is not the easiest major to get in at Tech but not the hardest either. The great thing about getting accepted into Pamplin is you start business classes day one and you are in the program … no waiting to take business classes and another application process.

Uw GPA 3.9
w 4.6
Physics C calf BC
4 AP classes
2 Varsity- sports
All A’s except B+ in psychics second term distance learning was hard.
Lots community services
Church volunteer

engineering major-
With an over load of applications this year- not sure my chances.