Chance me WashU ED

I am planning on ED for WashU. What are my chances. I do know that its totally unpredictable however any expert guidance after looking at my stats.

GPA: 3.65 UW/4.125 Weighted (end of Jr)
7 APs and 2 Post AP courses completed by Junior year. Taking 4 APs and and 1 Post AP classes Sr year
ACT: single test: 36
Working as intern for mid size company for last 3 years. Part-time during school year and full time summers in same field as what I plan applying
4 year Varsity sport
1 club officer
Good amount of volunteer work and few state level awards and participated in National level in same area of interest

With the lower UW GPA, is there a noted upward trend? Were the lower grades in courses unrelated to your intended major - or some obvious explanation (illness?)of disparity between ACT score and GPA? Are you a captain in your sport or otherwise recognized/would be able to play it in college? I think with strong LOR , upward trend in gpa then decent possibility in ED. IF it were RD, then probably not unless URM/other hook.

I agree with the above but have the following questions:

What are your AP test scores?

Are you applying for financial aid? If not, that will also help.

Yes, I have upward trend. one C- grade in AP Chem brought down my GPA. My intent ended major is Comp Science.