Chance me, Wesleyan ED2, Rochester, UVA, UMich, Vassar, More


  • US domestic
  • State/Location of residency: VA
  • Type of high school: Competitive Public
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity : Female/White/Latina
  • Other special factors: Double legacy at Rochester, Jewish, Did not apply for financial aid

Intended Major(s)
Film Studies (Not production, no portfolios required)

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: School does not report UW
  • Weighted HS GPA: 4.22 (B in Freshman Geometry and B+ in Freshman AP World, upward trends all As since)
  • Class Rank: 1, but it’s weighted
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 1390 (Sent to safeties + Rochester, Brandeis)

AP World History (4), AP Microeconomics (5), AP Macroeconomics (4), AP Spanish Lang (5), AP Spanish Lit (5), AP English Lang (5), AP US History (5), AP Seminar (5), Currently taking AP Psych, Lit, Research, and Gov.

Spanish Immersion student, took Science in Spanish and have taken classes in spanish since Kindergarten.

Have taken highest level possible in Humanities every year, but lacking in STEM

Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
Thespians Honor Society
Seal of Biliteracy (Spanish)
Theatre Student of the Year

-Staff Writer for professional film review website, Industry Screener
-President of Theatre Review team, reviews selected for publication 4 times
-State Outreach Director and member of National Outreach Committee for youth-led ERA activism group
-President of school chapter of ERA activism group
-Four years of Theatre, performing lead/supporting roles in Musicals, Plays, and competitions
-Staff Writer for Online Indie Magazine
-Staff Writer for School Magazine (Film+TV)
-Social Media Director for school’s chapter of Young Democrats
-Camp Counselor for 3 summers, Theatre and Sleepaway camps
-Competitive Vocal Lessons, High scores in singing and music theory

English Teacher (9/10)- Knows me very well and helped me develop as a writer
Theatre Teacher (9/10)- Has seen me grow up!

My common app essay weaved together moments in my life and moments from my favorite movies and described how I realized my passion for criticism.

I can answer about specific supplements but writing is my strong suit and I believe most of my essays were great.

Cost Constraints / Budget
Parents can pay full tuition


  • Safety:

Pitt (Accepted, Merit)
Temple (Accepted, Merit, Honors College)
Bard (Accepted)
Muhlenberg (RD)

  • Likely

Fordham (RD)

  • Match

Univeristy of Rochester (RD)
Brandeis (RD)

  • Reach

UMich (EA)
UVA (EA, In state)
Wesleyan (ED2)
Vassar (RD)
Swarthmore (RD)
Colby (RD)

It’s a tough one - is your weighting .5 for honors and +1 for AP.

I think you have them segmented right although I can see Rochester a reach. Brandeis will be an in.

I think Wes happens as you’re ED. And likely UVA. The others will be tough with Swarthmore near impossible but once Wes happens, it’s all over anyway.

Did you ED1 anywhere? If not, why Wes? I’m going to guess Tufts.

And I’m glad you applied TO - a surprising amount of kids are.

The good news you’ve already gotten into great schools.

Hi! I did not apply ED1 because I was deciding between Wes and Vassar and was not able to visit before the deadline. After my visits I knew Wes was my top school. Thank you so much for your response!

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