Chance me Wharton, Stanford, UVA, UNC, Berkeley

parents make $100,000+ per year
Highschool in Miami w/ 5-8 Ivy-bound seniors per year
Senior class of 900 students
3.7 unweighted
4.7-5.0 weighted
SAT Math- 720
SAT Reading 730
SAT Writing 780
Total 2230
ACT- 32
SAT2 Chem-720
UShistory- 660
Math2- havent taken it yet
11 AP classes, As or Bs/4s or 5s in all
15 Honors Classes
Student Council-11th
SC President-12th
Environmental engineering Competition- 9th (honorable mention), 10th (hm)
Environmental Debate- 10th
Varsity Soccer- 9th
JV volleyball- 9th, 10th (captain)
Varsity Volleyball- 11th (#3 in state), 12th (captain)
Thespian- 10th, 11th (state award), 12th
Improvisation- 10th, 11th, 12th (treasurer)
Summer 2010- 6 week Internship in Nephrology Laboratory
- 1 week drama camp teacher
Summer 2011- 4 weeks as an English teacher by myself in Nepal
Started yearly campaign to raise money for schools in Nepal.
Recs from my school's best counselor, an AP english teacher, and and school board member</p>

<p>Chance me please</p>

<p>Scores are alright, and because you are URM, you have a decent shot at Wharton, Stanford. UVA, UNC, Berkeley - most likely in.</p>

<p>thanks brother</p>

<p>ECs don't seem very focused and scores could be better, but if you can write a good essay and have a strong story I'd say you have a shot. Why Berkeley though since you're OOS?</p>

<p>Your ECs are fine.They'd be better if you have time to patent an invention or win an international competition, but lets get real.</p>

<p>Stanford: reach for all but you've got a shot
Wharton: slightly less of a reach but still a reach.
UC: a low reach bc you are out of state. You'd be a sure thing in state.
UVA: the same as stanford but UVA loves great OOS state students who pay OOS tuition.
UNC: match</p>

<p>My advice: add a safety school or two.</p>