Chance me while I procrastinate?

<p>I've been putting off doing a paper for my religion class so I though I'd make a chance thread for fun. I'm planning on majoring in Electrical Engineering and/or Physics where EE isnt available.
Here are my schools:
Drexel-got into honors college with $21.5K
UPenn-applied ED, got deferred from SEAS :(
Rest are RD...

<p>SAT: 2230... CR-700 M-780 W-750
SAT II: Math 2-770 Physics-750 US-680 World-720
UW GPA: 3.85 (freshman to junior year)
Weighted GPA: 4.37 (4.49 counting 1st semester senior grades)
Took hardest classes available, including 1 AP Sophmore, 4 APs Junior, and 6 APs this year, covering all core subject areas each year. I got 3 4s and 2 5s.
National Merit Commended Student
Also, I got all As, an A+, and one A- for my semester grades, so my school says my GPA now is 4.49</p>

-Volunteered at Penn Hospital last summer for about 90 hours
-have volunteered at my old grade school's after school program and help with homework once a week for a couple hours since junior year; my common app short answer is about it
-play piano and trombone in my school's competition band, piano in the musical each year, piano in a chamber music trio, and have been taking lessons for awhile and practice my own pieces for concerts at my music school
-NHS, I just tutor someone

<p>I think my essays are alright, and I sent in an additional rec from the supervisor of the after school program I volunteer for. Also, my parents were born in Europe and I'm bilingual, if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>I've made a couple of these threads before, but they haven't garnered too many responses. So, any thoughts?</p>