Chance me while I wait for the mail

<p>Hey, I’m one of those ED I applicants waiting for the mail to arrive so I figured why not get chanced or whatever while waiting. Anyways here’s my facts:</p>

<p>-I go to a private non-parochial (read secular) school in Southern Georgia.<br>
-As I said I applied ED I to Bowdoin.
-I interviewed on campus, and I think it went well.
-I like my personal statement a lot, and I’m satisfied with my Common Good essay.
–GPA: About a 3.6 unweighted and about a 4.41 weighted. Numerically its about a 92
–Scores: 1970 SAT, 30 ACT
–SATIIs/APs: 800 World, 760 US, 710 Literature, 5 Biology, 5 World History, 5 US history, 4 English Language, 4 European History (this was something I studied for on my free time
-Schedule senior year- AP Calculus, AP English Literature, AP Environmental Science, AP French, AP Statistics, Econ/Gov, and Speech/Comp (I’ll graduate with 9 AP classes and 10 AP scores)
–4 years varsity football, 3 year starter
–4 years varsity soccer, 2 years starter
–3 years varsity wrestling, 3 year state qualifier
–Mock Trial Lawyer 11th/12th
–Student Government- President 12th, VP 11th, class rep. 9th
–Honor Council- Senior Member
–National Honor Society 11th/12th
–3 Service trips with my church
–AP Scholar w/ distinction
–French award 10th/11th
–History award 11th</p>

<p>I honestly don’t think I’ll get in, but its worth a shot. I wish my scores and GPA were higher, and I had better ECs. However, should’ve, would’ve, should’ve doesn’t really work, so I guess I’ll just hold on to hope.</p>

<p>bowdoin is sat optional so your scores won't hurt you. and your extra curriculars are all really good</p>

<p>Thanks I'm just trying to keep my expectations in check. Its much better to be pleasantly surprised than crushed. It's weird to think somewhere in the postal service is the letter.</p>

<p>Did you get the result back yet?</p>