Chance Me: Yale transfer 2022

Economics major, want to do law after my BA. Currently have a 3.93 GPA, president of a club, member of another two clubs, 300 + hours of community service, community service at foreign countries. High school Gpa 3.87, not planning on submitting test scores. I am attending an honors program at a local cc. Thank you!

Planning on applying to

• Yale
• Princeton
• Cornell
• Uchicago
• UMiami
• University of Florida

Some schools are much more transfer-friendly than others:

So, Yale and Princeton are tough nuts to crack, simply because they take so few transfers, out of a very strong applicant pool. Most students who bother to apply there as transfers will have grades like yours and things like volunteering and club-leadership on their records. The few they accept will have something special that stands out, above and beyond that high baseline.

For schools that give preference to in-state transfers (which includes Cornell), the encouraging acceptance rates may not generalize to the prospects of an out-of-state applicant, but can still be worth a try.

The important things for pre-law are to keep your grades up and avoid undergrad debt. You can get into a top law school just as well from UF as from an Ivy. Are full-need-met private U’s affordable for you? If you qualify for financial aid such that these elite U’s are as affordable for you as UF, then consider adding some more transfer-friendly full-need-met schools to your list, such as Vanderbilt, Emory, Dartmouth, WashU, Notre Dame, BU, and Wesleyan. But if you’d be full-paying (or close to it) for these, it may make more sense to keep up the stellar grades at UF (or Miami if you get the FL funding there as a transfer) and aim for a tippy-top law school.

Congrats on your strong record!

Thank you so much for the info! Very eye opening. I apply to receive aid at most of the schools i have done research on. I was also wondering if the only B on my transcript was from an economics related class such as macro, knowing that I will be majoring in economics would that decrease my chances of getting in? Thank you once again.

As an opinion on your current choices, if a school is essentially signaling through its ultra-low acceptance rate that it’s not especially welcoming to general transfer applicants, you may want to consider whether it really would make sense to apply there.

Based on your intended major, these analyses may help you further develop your list:

Thank you so much! Will definitely look into these.

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My understanding is that Yale is wildly oversubscribed for class of ‘25 to the point where they had to get creative with housing. Maybe look to add schools that went to their waitlist last year?

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