Chance Me

<p>High School Transcript:
8th Grade
Algebra 1-A
9th Grade
French 1-2-A
World Cultures-A
English 1-2-A
Chemistry 1-2-A
Summer after 9th Grade
Biology 01-A
Precalculus Algebra and Trig-A
10th Grade
Calc BC-A
English 3-4-A
Accelerated World History-A
French 3-4-A
AP Chem-A
11th Grade(Assume I get all A's 2nd Semester)
Multivariable Calc/Differential Eq-A
AP Physics B-A
AP Bio-A
AP English Lang-A
French 5-6-A
12th Grade(Assume I get all A's both semesters)
AP Statistics
AP French
AP English Lit
American gov't Honors/AP Macro</p>

<p>Test Scores
SAT-Assume I get 2400
5's on all AP tests for all my AP classes(plus both Physics C's)</p>

1 year in Red Cross Club
1 year in French Club
2 Years in Speech and Debate(All 4 semesters are A's and my only award is 2nd place at SCU Invitational)
3 years in Math Club(So far, my only award is 10th place in Calculus at SCVMA; However, I expect to qualify for AIME)
25 hours of peer tutoring, winning a CRLA Award
68 hours of volunteering, including volunteering at Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley and Services for Brain injury
Helped Larry Harris in his continuing process to improve the board game Axis and Allies Global 1940. Moreover, I have been "deputized," by Larry's rule clarifier, Kevin, showing that I have been extremely helpful in rule clarifications.</p>

<p>Can you chance me for: UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, and Harvard? Thanks.</p>


<p>I'll admit that your stats are amazing but it seems like all the HYP chance threads are extremely similar. You know you have a great shot but these schools are reaches for everyone. Why bother making this thread?</p>

I also asked about chances for 3 schools not in that trio.</p>

<p>Stanford MIT Berkeley all reaches but OBVIOUSLY doable for you.</p>

<p>How can they be BOTH Reaches AND Obviously Doable</p>

<p>This might be a hard concept. At these schools, no one is a shoo-in for admission, but you obviously have an above average chance. Although I'm beginning to reconsider as I read your ignorant responses to advice that YOU asked for.</p>

<p>My best advice is to not be overconfident. NOONE is guaranteed in Stanford/MIT, I suggest you sincerely put some time into securing that 2400 SAT you are shooting for, and developing your ECs to reflect your prospective majors. At this point, it is impossible to chance you.</p>

<p>your EC's are pretty weak but you have nice academic stats obviously</p>