chance me?

<p>Hey guys im looking to apply to Umiami early action, and hopefully get some scholarship money...
Random Facts
Lived in Lima, Peru for 3 years.
Half Peruvian, Half Spanish
School Background: Private, International School, Small
Speak Spanish and English fluently. </p>

Taking full IB
Math HL
Bio HL
Chem HL
History SL
Spanish A2 SL
English A1 SL
Theory of Knowledge
Journalism as my non-IB elective (have been taking it since 9th grade)</p>

<p>Current GPA is 6.44\7 and my cumulative is around 6.35\7</p>

<p>Have taken Chinese courses in middle school and 9th grade (but cant speak it to save my life)
No class rank</p>

800 CR
680 Math (really bad I am trying to get a 750-800 on my next try)
600 writing (also trying to improve to be in the 700 range)
(plan on taking it again in the fall and improving on math and writing. </p>

Spanish 790
Math II 770
(Plan on taking Biology M and Chemistry) </p>

<p>Academic Awards
Citizenship award from my school 10th grade
Readers Choice award for an article I wrote for journalism on an international student journalism website.
National Hispanic Recognition and National Merit Scholarship (currently I am commended for NM and hope to be a finalist for NHRP)</p>

Chosen to represent my school at the 2010 junior science and humanities symposium at Georgetown University.
Editor of the News and Features section of my schools newspaper.
Have been a staff writer for the newspaper wince 8th grade (done high profile reporting and interviews)
Editor\representative from my school for the Student News Action website (collaboration of student journalists from international schools around the world)
Helped organize and represented Student News Action at the first Global Issues Network conference (conference geared towards schools in DC to discuss and debate global issues)
Over 100 hours of volunteering at Georgetown University Hospital.
English tutor for the Foreign Affairs Aide to the Argentinian President.
Volunteer\Counselor at Camp Med at Virginia Hospital Center (camp that exposes middle schoolers to what its like working in the medical field)
Volunteer for Hands-on-DC which helps improve conditions of inner-city public schools.
For my senior year I am planning (already have approval and student support) to co-found a latino student organization and be the president of it.
Soccer since 9th Grade
Track & Field since 10th grade (may beat a school record this year)
For my Personal Project I researched and recorded an audiobook compiling creation myths from ancient and indigenous tribes around the Americas, translated into Spanish. (Perfect Score)
For my Extended Essay I researched the effects of microwaving different plastics on brine shrimp (an invertebrate model for how it could affect humans – this is original research)</p>