Chance me :)

<p>Race - Caucasian Male - Polish
GPA: 3.77 on a 4 scale
Weighted 5.44 on a 6.33 scale
Rank top 10%
ACT : 35 (retaking in June)
4 APs all 5s (taking more in may)
SAT II -800 Math II 740 Chem 740 Bio 800 US</p>

<p>This year i'm taking:
AP Lang Comp
AP Calc AB
AP world
Physics H
Spanish H

<p>Next year I'm taking:
AP Lit
AP Calc BC
AP Gov
AP European Hist
AP Bio
AP Chem</p>


<p>Founded MalariaFreeLife Inc. 501c3 Non-Profit helping the less fortunate around the world
Model UN won 2 gavels and 3 outstandings
Ski Club President
Head Videographer for Student Council
Film Club President - I make short films as a hobby
Tennis (been playing for 5 years now) - JV & V team 08 -11
CHEM II Science League participant
Chem/Phys event 1 st place
FCCLA 5 National Gold Medals
Key Club District Webmaster, Website won state prize
BRITE quiz bowl team won 3rd in State
Fencing c ranked
Interned at TwinLeaf at Princeton Engineering Campus
Worked at the Jagiellonian University under Medical Studies and at a Private Clinic
Shadowed an Orthodontist for a week</p>


<p>Preschool Volunteer
Pediatric Assistant
Senior Citizen Rehabilitation Center Volunteer</p>

<p>Comment on my chances thx :)</p>

<p>how are your essays? I've heard that once you reach a certain level of academics, anything that distinguishes you from twelve other applicants with similar stats is good.</p>