Chance Me?

<p>I am applying to transfer Fall 2012 with junior standing.
Major: Clinical Nutrition
-Will complete 65 transferable units (semester units)
-I live and attend a CC in the Bay Area
-Current GPA: 3.86, will raise to 3.9 by the end of this semester (All A’s and one B)
-Major Pre-Reqs GPA: 4.00
-all pre-reqs completed except Organic Chemistry series
-have applied for TAG, am waiting for the results
-ethnicity: Asian
-hardships I have overcome: struggled with a vision disability for many years</p>

<p>Experience in the field: I volunteer in my local hospital’s Nutritional Services department by collecting menus and passing out trays.
Other EC: Leadership position at my high school’s Red Cross Club, church leader, summer camp counselor, and more.
Work Experience: ESL English Tutor for Community College students</p>

<p>Your thoughts are appreciated!</p>

<p>Also, if anyone can answer this question: By missing the Organic Chemistry series, will I be far behind completing a Nutrition degree? i.e. Will I still be able to take upper division nutrition courses without it? (I plan on taking it as soon at I get to Davis.)</p>