Chance me?

<p>I REALLY want to go to Davis in the fall. I’m hoping I get in!!
I want to major in Design, which is in the school of Letters & Sciences, in the Division of Humanities, Arts & Cultural studies…</p>

<p>-3.7 Weighted GPA, 3.9 UC GPA
-1830 SAT score… I’m working on improving it
CR: 690 Math:550 Writing: 590
-I’ve taken/am taking AP US History, AP English Comp, AP English Lit, AP Art, AP Gov, AP Econ, AP Comparative Politics
-I’ve volunteered at a clinic since the summer of 2010, about 115 hours total
I designed our t-shirts and I’m our photographer
-I started a photography business (successful, with customers)
-I won a scholarship for a graphic design I made
-I took photos for a city council candidate (he was a customer of mine)
-I volunteered a couple hours at a music festival and a family giving tree event</p>

<p>I also took photography sophomore year. My essays are both about art.</p>

<p>You have a great GPA. Raise that SAT score, and continue your volunteer work. I would say good chance of acceptance.</p>