Chance me!

<p>Hey everyone. I'm a student from Portugal, and i hope to study in the us next year. I'm applying to several top tier colleges, and i'd certainly like your opinion on how good my chances are.
I'm applying to MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell U and Dartmouth.
TOEFL - 114
SAT subject tests - physics (800) and math2 (800)
SAT - doing in november, i'm expecting 2200+
Highschool grades:
I finished 11th grade with a 19,4 average, out of 20. I'm on the top 2 students of my school (my year has about 150-200 students, the school has 1000), which is the 3rd best public school of portugal, according to the latest rankings.</p>

Guitar/drums player
I've won medals in national competitions, canoeing. I also swim and practice kicboxing.
I've participated and won 2 regional math competitions.
I've participated in week-long activities in several different colleges. The topics of such activities ranged from mathematics to robotics. </p>

<p>I have 2 teachers who have known me for 3 years and who are more than willing to write very good rec letters.
Concerning essay topics, i've travelled a lot (Aus, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Egypt, Singapoure, several europe countries...) and my grandparents both form my mother's side and from my father's side were farmers, so i guess i should be able to write something remotely useful using these facts :)</p>

<p>What do you think? Be honest.</p>

<p>na realidade pode ser, mas ninguem pode dizer com certeza para essas escolas.
acho q voce vai precisar de mais atividades extracurriculais. a maioria dos candidatos pras escolas ivy league ja fizeram algumas coisas espetaculais na vida.
isso nao quer dizer q vc nao vai ser aceito. alem das suas notas excelentes, vc vai a uma escola muito competitiva e provavelmente vai ter ensaios fortes. soh eh q nao vejo nada que tem esse "wow factor" q os ivys buscam.
mas boa sorte! sem duvida vc vai ser aceito a umas escolas maravilhosas, ivy ou nao</p>