Chance Me

<p>I just appplied Early Decision to Muhlenberg, I have a 3.5 gpa and a 28 composite score on my ACT's. I am very active in school and community organizations. Im on the winter & spring track teams, robotics, and deca. I currently work at a retirement care & assisted living center with Dementia residents helping them with activities. I have also volunteered many hours at this particular assisted living place as welll as at a national landmark site.
I have taken accelerated and honors courses in school.</p>

<p>With early decision, you probably have a decent chance. I know your application is already in, but if you have any need to re-apply someplace be sure to highlight the one (or two) things that are your main passion and build your app on them.</p>

<p>Good luck with your ED Decision.
My dd applied ED too the beginning of October.
She visited 3 times, the last time spending the day in classes at the school, and loved it.
This time next month, you may both already have answers from the school.
Good luck.</p>

<p>My daughter has applied ED to Berg. GPA of 3.52. ACT of 25. Honors classes. Excellent audition in Musical Theatre. Strong exhibited leadership skills and community service. Passion for theatre and for using this to fundraise for and raise awareness of cancer. She sat in on a couple of theatre classes that she was very impressed by, and that she had the chance to participate in. Fingers crossed!!!</p>

<p>It's great to see the enthusiasm of the applicants for next year. Muhlenberg is a hidden gem among colleges. It often gets overshadowed by the bigger schools and even the PA/NJ/NY State colleges that people know of, but those that take education seriously and want a great learning community realize that Muhlenberg has tons to offer. Great performing arts, great sciences, superb facilities... and really nice people. Best of luck to all applicants.</p>

<p>kaleysmom, good luck to your dd.
My dd is a wonderful student, works hard and wants to be an orthodontist. So, she is more interested in the sciences. So great that your dd had a wonderful experience there too when she visited. My dd worked in a college lab doing research the last three years and shadowed with a dentist and wants to continue doing research in college so a college not a university was what she ended up focusing on (although we did go to Villanova and University of DE). She wears her Muhlenberg hoodie EVERY DAY after school and although I have her now doing her own laundry to get her prepared for the "real world" I do take it and wash it once in a while but it hardly is off her body LOL.
Good luck to you and your daugther, and to my dd too!!!</p>

<p>Worldspirit, yes, you are correct. We started looking at colleges summer after sophomore year. We found PA to have a lot of wonderful schools. I am so happy that both my dd and my dh and I all have a great feeling about Muhlenberg. As parents, letting our first child leave the house and out on their own is honestly very scarey. But, all that I have read it seems like a close-knit community that focus on academics and happy students. As a parent, this is what I want to read (and hopefully next year hear from my dd). Have you attended Muhlenberg?</p>

<p>Good luck to all on their submissions both ED and RD!</p>

<p>Good luck to your dd, too, lovestotravel! And to you, chinver. Worldspirit, a you a current student or parent of a current student at Berg?</p>

<p>I am a parent of current student.. active in education and college selection process. PM me if you have specific non-public questions. :)</p>

<p>I looked into Muhlenberg for my DD as a dance major but she just was not interested in going that far away from home. We live in Ohio. It looks like a wonderful school and was hoping she would at least look at it. Good luck.</p>

<p>So, when do you think ED applicants will start to hear from Muhlenberg?</p>

<p>kaleysmom, I don't know when the kids will be hearing but I figure it will be soon.
When my dd shadowed, the girl she was with told her she got a phone call from Muhlenberg about her acceptance before dd is praying and hoping she hears something soon. Muhlenberg's site says they start sending out their decisions between Thanksgiving and Feb so it should be soon.</p>

<p>Let's post here when/if we hear from Muhlenberg. Whoever hears first, starts a new thread.</p>

<p>Good luck as you wait! My D is a freshman at Muhlenberg. She did not apply ED but fell in love after her visit in February and it quickly became a favorite. She is very happy there now.</p>

<p>LeftofPisa, glad to know that you have a happy freshman at Berg! Yes, let's use this thread to note as the decisions come in! My DD got her first term grades yesterday....all A's in all honors classes! Fingers crossed for Berg, for all our kids who fell in love with it!</p>

<p>kaleysmom: Wonderful news on the report card. My dd was the same with her AP and Honors classes. She was very happy but also works very hard so we are very proud of her.</p>

<p>Good luck to our girls!</p>