Chance me?

<p>I have been looking at many colleges because I would really like to study art but with great academics as well. When I saw Brown my heart skipped a beat because Brown and Rhode Island School of Design offer a duel program to have a double major between the schools… to graduate with a BA in an academic area from Brown and a BFA in an art concentration at RISD! </p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone has been accepted into this program, as it is very limited.
You must be accepted at both schools and then into the program itself.</p>

<p>Right now, I am a highschool sophomore. These are my grades from last year and my current grades plus extracurriculars:</p>


<p>Honors Pre-Calc (A)
Honors Earth Science (such a useless class. wish i had skipped it.) (A)
Honors English 9 (A+)
German II (A+)
AP Human Geography (got a 5 on the AP exam) (A-)
Art I (A)
Art II (A)
Extra Curriculars:
Swim team (made varsity)
Synchronized swim team
Key Club</p>


<p>AP Calc A/B (A-)
Honors Biology (A+)
Honors American Literature (A)
German III (A+)
AP US History (A+)
Ceramics I (A+)
Art III (next semester)
Art Metals I (next semester)
Extra Curriculars:
Swim team (varsity again)
Synchronized Swim Team
Key Club
Student Government</p>

<p>My perspective classes for next year and senior year are:
AP Calc B/C
Honors Chemistry
Honors British Literature
AP Goverment and Politics
AP Economics
Honors German IV
AP Studio Art
Extra Curriculars:
Swim team (varsity and captain)
Synchronized Swim Team (treasurer)
Key Club
Student Government
National Honors Society (Treasurer)</p>

AP Physics
AP Lit and Comp
AP Psych
AP German V
AP Environmental Science or AP Stats or AP Biology (undecided)
AP Art History or AP Studio Art (with a different category)
Extra Curriculars:
Swim Team (varsity and captain)
Synchronized Swim Team (VP or President)
Key Club (Treasurer)
Student Government (Senior Rep or President)
National Honors Society (Treasurer or President)
Senior Commitee</p>

<p>I am also likely to get a 30 or better on my ACT.
And I am expected to retain my 4.0 GPA for the rest of highschool.</p>

<p>Is this a good balance of art and academics to make me a good candidate for this Duel-Program? And does this sound like a good corseload and curricular make up to make me a good candidate for Brown?</p>

<p>Bump bumppppp please could someone from brown let me know about this?</p>

<p>Hello there!</p>

<p>It looks like you have if a good chance, however there are many applicants. </p>

<p>Here are my suggestions: </p>

<p>1) You should try to get involved in arts clubs/organizations to show your passion. </p>

<p>2) Brown emphasizes and wants students to have strong writing skills. Thus, you should take AP English Language to show how you are able to succeed in a challenging class. </p>

<p>3) You should look at their supplements, right now. I don't know if they change by year, but this will give you an idea of what you will write in your senior year.</p>