chance me!

<p>GPA: 92.04/100
Rank: 30/132 (Within the top 25%)
Honors/APS- 4 on APUSH, I currently take ap english & ap italian. Im in the honors program at my school and I've taken honors in chem, bio, english, italian, world history, and economics. I'm also taking calculus this year and Ive had high averages in trig, physics, & pre-calc.
SAT - 1280/1960 (CR-660 M-620 W-680)
SAT II's - 690 in US History, I got a 590 in Math I back in June but I just retook it so that score's not available yet.</p>

<p>EC's - Swim team all four years, this year I'm one of the captains; i volunteered with a swim team and helped children learn how to swim.
Ive also done alot of community service with mentally disabled children ( I wrote my personal essay about it)
Clubs: cultural club - im president of it, so im in charge of meetings, etc.; charity club that raised money for poor families & schools.
Ive also held summer jobs as a waitress over the past few years.</p>

<p>Ive had a few bum grades over the years (mid70s/low 80s in chemistry) but Ive mainly had As/Bs. Fresh & soph year I had about a 91 avg but my average during junior year was about a 95, so hopefully they'll see that as a good thing?</p>

<p>Schools: Georgetown, Tufts, BC, Villanova, Fordham, BU, Lehigh, Bucknell
thanks :)</p>

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