Chance me

<p>What are my chances of getting in if I have a, 4.0/5.0 GPA with an ACT score of 18-21? If it will help, I am part of many activities. I am on my way of being a 4 year track & field thrower and sprinter, 2 years of football, 1 year of Tech Crew, 2 years of DECA</p>

<p>Im a horrible standardized test taker....</p>

<p>I glanced at your profile and I see you are asking for "chancing" at a number of schools. If you are seriously interested in Tech, you will have an excellent chance to attend there, though it may be later than your freshman year. For instance, let's say you do not score well on the SAT or ACT to get freshman admission, then one alternative is to attend a junior college or community college, do well on your grades, and then transfer to Tech. For instance, Tech has a special relationship with South Plains College for some students who could not gain freshman admission, but then do well and transfer to Tech. The community college I live nearby, Collin College, has a direct transfer program with Tech as well. My advice...decide what universities you are seriously interested in, then go to each university's website and see what alternatives there are for admission along with the freshman route. You WILL get into one of the schoolsl you want if you dig in and educate yourself on the best route of admission for you (though it may not be the traditional freshman admission route). Of course, also do practice tests like crazy on the ACT and/or SAT so your scores are as high as they can reasonably be which will obviously improve your freshman admissions chances.</p>