Chance me?

<p>Please disregard the last thread I made-- this one is more detailed and gives a more comprehensive view of my application :) thank you guys so much!!</p>

<p>Academic Stats:
GPA UW: 3.80 (at least top 15% in class, school doesn't rank)
* took hardest classes available @ high school (8 AP classes), go to a competitive private schools, school sends handful of students to ivies every year
SAT 780 CR/ 780 M/ 750/ W --> 1560/2310
SAT II 720 Math II, 740 Literature, 770 US History
AP Scholar w/Honor
NM Commended scholar
Headmaster's list (9,10,11,12)
Representative for school at 2011 Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, PA (selection process, school pays for everything)</p>

Volunteer for state governor: around 400 hours during sophomore/junior summer</p>

<p>Paid intern for state governor (he is writing a personal recommendation letter for me): around 150 hrs, junior year</p>

<p>Mock Trial: runner-up state champions (9), state champions and national champions (10), state champions and 8th place in nationals (11) (around 450+ hours a year)</p>

<p>Science Research: 400+ hours in lab summer of junior year, Siemens semi-finalist 2011, planning to enter more science fairs/get more awards </p>

<p>Editor-in-Chief of school newspaper (12), journalist (9, 10, 11, 12)
**As Editor-in-Chief this year, I took the initiative to completely revamp the newspaper, from changing the name to redesigning the layout. I was also able to recruit a larger staff of journalists compared to previous years. For the first 2011 fall publication, over 75 articles, increased from 20 articles per newspaper edition last year, were published. </p>

<p>Volunteer at Nursing Home (9, 10, 11, 12)
**I dedicate around five hours a week to residents in my local nursing home. I aid residents in their day-to-day activities, devote time to bond with residents, and serve as the pianist for the weekly Sunday Mass. </p>

<p>International Club Co-leader (12), member (9, 10, 11)
** I organize events to encourage the student body to learn more about different cultures from our international students and speakers. Also, I am responsible for planning celebrations for international holidays, such as Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival.</p>

<p>Coordinator, Volunteer at Local Library (10)
**I am involved in coordinating children activities sponsored by the library. I do this by contacting performers and advertising the events around the community. My time is also spent shelving and categorizing the library’s inventory and answering questions at the library’s information center. </p>

<p>Assistant English teacher @ a Chinese elementary school in Beijing (summer after 9th grade)</p>

<p>School Service Program: Volunteer at Chinese Immersion School (9, 10, 11, 12), around 1 hour a week during the school year</p>

<p>Member of the Chinese & Spanish Club</p>

<p>JV Tennis</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Asian American, BUT first generation to college
Will apply for financial aid</p>

<p>THANK YOU!!!!</p>