Chance Me?

<p>White, Female, Connecticut Public School</p>

<p>Applied Early Action
Cousin attends BC who currently is a Senior with same last name (not sure if this makes a difference)</p>

<p>32 ACT Composite
1920 Superscored SAT
3.8 Unweighted GPA
Top 10% of Class (Roughly 200 kid in class)</p>

<p>Four AP’s and 1 Honors Class this year
AP Euro
AP Bio
AP Stat
AP Calc
Honors English
(along with a few other required courses)</p>

<p>Took AP US last year and scored a 4.
All core subjects (and 3 years of French) have been honors or AP</p>

<p>Almost all A’s on transcript with a few mid-high B’s </p>

<p>-Played Field Hockey for Three Years, Ran Track for 3 with the intent of running again this year.
-Competitive Curler for 4 Years (many accomplishments, which were all listed in a Profile on the optional Common App Attachment)
-Junior Intern for 4 Years at a Living History Museum (Over 200+ volunteer hours a year)
-Volunteered at Horse Shows (Around 60 hours a summer)</p>

<p>Solid Essay and Recs.</p>

<p>Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!