Chance me

<p>I am applying for the computer/electrical engineering combo to Purdue early action</p>

<p>Have a GPA of 4.0 W and a 3.76 UW</p>

<p>in the top 20% of a very competitive high school</p>

<p>struggled in my sat's but got a 34 in my act (35 M, 35 R, 35 S, 29 W)</p>

<p>Sat 2's chem:740
Math 2:800</p>

<p>Took ap chem, comp sci, and lang last year</p>

<p>This year am taking ap gopo, ap calc, ap econ(macro/micro), and ap stat</p>

<p>Extra curricular worked a software internship over the summer and got a great letter of rec from my employer</p>

<p>Also part of the undefeated JV tennis team 9th and 10th grade
made the Region band on Tuba in 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th grade
also am part of all honor bands and orchestra on tuba in my school ( lead tuba/section leader)
My two teacher recs are outstanding and my counselor rec is also really good.
Model UN leader and participation for 3 years
Science Olympiad 3 years
Chess club vice president 4 years
Also made my own band to raise money for Japan aid</p>

<p>Please critique harshly and truthfully i want to know my chances</p>

<p>Bump please answer</p>

<p>you are in!!!!!</p>

<p>you're in with no problem.</p>