Chance me?

<p>i would be very happy to attend bucknell although it’s not my very first choice. i am very paranoid about being asian because it’s a disadvantage for me - i don’t fit into the 2400 sat 4.0 gpa asian stereotype. anyway</p>

<p>UW gpa 3.9
Weighted 4.2
rank top 5%
sat i 2240
sat ii 750 bio M and 640 math ii (waiting on lit score)
course rigor: very, for the past two years my schedule has been all APs save one class. by the end of high school i will have taken 14 APs.
ap scores: four 5s, two 4s, two 3s
awards: ap scholar with honor, national merit semifinalist, NHS all four years
counselor rec: idk but can’t be awesome because we got a new counselor this year
teacher recs: idk but not great, i’m the quiet type and i didn’t get to know them very well. also ony of them was new to the recommendation thing, i think she meant well because i am one of the top achieving students in her class but she spent about an hour writing my rec during her conference period at school. i’m looking to ask another teacher last minute to write a probably better rec</p>

<p>ECs: president of an animal welfare club, vp and sec of two language/culture clubs, helping out at the pet shelter, church, and jv swimming for four years. there are some others too but they are not too relevant to me</p>

<p>essays: i can’t say i love my writing, i am always paranoid but the people that look over them for me seem to like them. i guess they are decent, i really don’t know</p>

<p>supplement: very genuine</p>

<p>am i leaving anything else out?
anyway please chance me!</p>

<p>i'm applying to arts and science btw</p>

<p>With your stats, you can get into Bucknell. But if they pick up on the fact it is not your first choice, you never know.</p>

<p>oh it's one of my top choices, just not my first. thanks for answering both of my questions btw!</p>


<p>Actually being an Asian male applying to liberal arts college such as Bucknell, you have a great chance of getting in. I would say with your stats, you have about 90% of being accepted to Bucknell.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>My GPA is 3.85 and my top three choice are: Bucknell, Holy Cross and Richmond. Time will tell</p>

I'm an asian who is applying to bucknell university as well. But i don't understand why it is an advantage for asians to apply to liberal arts. could you please explain a bit?</p>

<p>Could you please chance me too? I think i might be lucky to be accepted to bucknell ( it is one of my favorite ones ) I am applying to its computer engineering major (alternate: undecided engineering)</p>

<p>i'm an international student from Taiwan and my UW 3.58, Weighted GPA is 3.78.</p>

<p>SAT CR 550, M 710, W 660, and I am still waiting for the dec SAT score. </p>

<p>I've 4 years of engineering internship in a leading manufacturer in terms of disposable laparoscopic products that engineers hardware and software for hospitals.
I also have 4+ years of internship in a clinic ( with an ENT doctor and a dentist). </p>

<p>Based on the information above, what do you think the chance for me to get in?
I know that I don't have a great GPA and SAT score, and I just realized that being Asian without those stats is "detrimental." But, I tried my best. </p>



<p>Liberal Arts Colleges such as Bucknell want to diversify in terms of races. Most of them have Asian population ratio around 5%. This number will tend to increase over the years. As a result, it will benefit Asian students as well as other minorities.
I noticed that you said you are an international student. Being an international students will definitely lower your chances of admission. Have you taken TOEFL? You need to score around 100 to stand a good chance.
Have you look at other colleges? I recommend you to take a look at Lafayette College. It is also a great school and has a very good engineering program comparable to Bucknell. They both located in PA.
Overall, your chances are Bucknell=30%, Lafayette=70%</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the explanation. I got it now.
I will consider about Lafayette college; however, I am not sure about apply to that yet. Because I still have some essays to write, including bucknell's. actually, i just knew that college after you said it. I usually looked at the ranking on the US news, but lafayette college was not ranked for the major I am applying to, computer engineering, on us news website.</p>

<p>Btw, when you say 30%, did you consider the chance of applying to computer engineering? I know that this major is competitive and will lower my chance. But it is my interest and I wish to become one engineer in the future. </p>

<p>I score 97 on my last toefl and I am going to take it again. I should get higher because I kinda fell asleep on the listening and scored really low on that portion...anyways, im taking in January.</p>

<p>From the information you had given, it seems that you know all these admission statistics very very well, and I hope that you can tell me more about all these.
another school that I am planning to apply to its computer engineering is villanova university. I looked up the engineering programs there and they are really good. Could you please estimate the chances for me to get into Villanova University?
( i am currently studying in villanova preparatory school but i've no idea if this helps or not... they do have the same names, school core values, mascot, etc. ) Please tell me if you need any additional information from me. </p>

<p>thank you so much!</p>


<p>WOW! 97 on TOEFL is pretty good. Now, I'll give you a 50/50 chance @ Bucknell.
Admission rate @ Bucknell was about 28% for 2011, but Engineering was about 31%. So, admittance to Engineering is actually little higher than the overall.
Lafayette ranked 16 for best undergraduate engineering program @ US News website.
Another very good school you can look at is Union College in NY. Also ranked 16 for engineering program. They both tied for National Liberal Arts College ranked at 40.
Villanova has a very nice campus and very good Engineering program, but it's a much bigger school.
If you are seeking for Financial Aids, Villanova usually gives the least, then Bucknell, Union, & Lafayette. </p>

<p>New Chances:
Bucknell= 50%
Villanova= 60%
Lafayette= 80%
Union= 80%</p>

<p>Wow, i'm really surprised with the specifics that you just wrote. i'm just wondering..but are you a professional in this field? haha</p>

<p>for the chances, I did estimate my chance on both and **************.com a while ago. However, the chances for bucknell university and villanova university on the websites don't really match up with the ones you said. around 50/50. But for union college and lafayette, it is pretty much the same. I think I might considering applying to union college (NY). But i'm not sure.
The chances you said really boosted my confidence though. haha.</p>



<p>I'm not a professional. I'm just a parent who had a daughter applied to college last year, and another one who will apply next year. For the past 3 years, I have searched for all kinds of information to help my daughters. We have visited about 20 colleges in the northeast, mostly liberal arts colleges.
Since my younger daughter is a junior right now, we plan to visit few more colleges in the coming months. Union & Villanova are on our list. (We have already visited Bucknell & Lafayette).
Are you a junior or a senior? One of the most critical pieces of admission to American colleges is the personal statement (essay). Make sure you have someone proofread before you submit., **************, and are all good sources to find out what your chances are, but you never know which one will admit you at the end.
My daughter for example, who got in to schools which she had 30-40% chance, but denied/waitlisted from schools that she had 90% chance.
My suggestion is get in touch with the college admission office as often as possible. Sign up for the mailing list, request info, online chats, emails. All these little things shows your interest to the colleges, and that is a big part for liberal arts college admission.
If you have further questions, I will more than happy to answer for you.
BTW, I'm from Taiwan too!</p>

<p>wow, youre from taiwan too?! nice! i felt that its pretty rare to meet taiwanese here. I left Taiwan in 2008, and came here to study by myself.</p>

<p>I have been trying to contact with colleges by signing up the mailing list. I tried to go to college visit, but since some of my schools are on the east coast, I cant go that far.</p>

<p>I'm a senior right now, and for the personal statement, I can't really say that it is good because that would be pretty biased. However, I did let my school counselor read it and she said she love them (along with my other essays). She is a former UCSD admission officer.</p>

<p>I still have several supplement essays to write, and I'll try my best to make them very distinct. Can I send you private messages if i have more questions?</p>




<p>Hi guys! i was reading this post and found ognyusa feedbacks to be helpful! could u chance me too? i am an international applicant as well! My SAT is 1370/1600 (bucknell doesnt look at writing right??) and i got a score of 106 in TOEFL. I am applying ED2 but i m asking for quite alot of aid! :/ chance me please :3</p>


<p>You have a good shot especially if you apply ED. 106 in TOEFL is pretty good. What are you plan to study? That could be one of the deciding factor of your admittance. Bucknell has different acceptance rates for different colleges. What was the Math score of your SAT? Bucknell likes to see high Math scores.
I don't know how much financial aid Bucknell will give to international students, but you can use Net Price Calculator to find an estimate.
Good Luck!</p>


<p>Thx for the info! :D i got an 750 in my math section in SAT1 and am planning to study electrical engineering! however, my SAT2 math level 2 went horrible due to the fact i took it when i was an junior. Only got 630 in math lvl 2. however, my other 2 subjects test went quite well. Chemistry 730 and physics 760. I m juz hoping that my A* from my A-Level Math would cover for my Math lvl 2 score :( I reli <3 bucknell! i reli want to get in</p>


<p>Bucknell does not require sending SAT II scores, but help if you have high scores. I will submit both the Chemistry & Physics scores and NOT the Math. Chemistry & Physics scores enough proved you are a great candidate for Engineering major.
I think you have a great chance being accepted.
Good Luck!</p>


<p>Thx for your advice!!! u have reli helped me! but unfortunately i have already sent my scores! :( haha lets juz see wat happens now! :) will let u know if i get accepted! :) once again thx alot! :) i hope ur D will get in next year to which ever college she applies too :)</p>