Chance Me!

<p>My test scores are not so good, but they are optional for Bowdoin.
SAT: 2010 (not so good)
SAT 2: 680 on Bio, 690 on Literature
Rank: 30/486
GPA: 4.52 (my school weighs GPA weird, average GPA for accepted Bowdoin student from my school is 4.46)</p>

<p>New Jersey Resident

<p>Classes: Took all the highest level classes my school offered. 1 AP sophomore year, 3 junior year, 4 senior year, lots of high honors classes. No AP math classes however.</p>

Varsity Track, Indoor and Outdoor, 4 years
Co President Fair Trade Club
Worked at a Fair Trade store and restaurant in my town
Key Club/Community Service Club
Played piano for 10 years
Went to a university in Costa Rica to study Spanish over the summer
Community Service in Panama over the summer.
Organized Parkinson's Unity Walk for 3 years
Played soccer freshman year (won most improved award)</p>

Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
Service Award
AP Scholar Award</p>

<p>Teacher Recommendations:
1st Teacher: Highly recommend (loved his class)
2nd Teacher: Highly recommend (known for writing great recommendations)
3rd Teacher: Highly recommend (sophomore year teacher, had a great relationship with)
Guidance Counselor: highly recommend</p>

Common App- Very good. I am a very strong writer.
Supplement- Strong, compelling. Talks about intellectual engagement.
Interview: went well</p>

4's on the AP Language and Composition and AP History Test
Transfer credits from college courses taken in Costa Rica (Universidad Latina)</p>

<p>Hooks: I have been in contact with the track coach who has expressed interest in me running for the team. I spent an overnight at the college and got to meet him and talk with him.
Also, not sure that this counts for much, but a family friend who went to Bowdoin happens to be close friends with one of the admissions counselors. She graciously sent in a letter on my behalf.</p>

<p>I might have forgotten some stuff but that is mostly it :)</p>

<p>I hope you get in! I think you have a good chance! I have a very similar resume…</p>

<p>Thanks same to you!</p>

<p>Well I guess we both got rejected... I'm applying ed2 to Colby now. Good luck!!</p>