"Chance" me?

<p>Hi! I'm applying to Wesleyan RD for class of 2016... It'd be cool if anyone could tell me whether they think I'll get in or not, just because getting a second opinion is nice, especially during winter break when everybody (maybe just me) is creeping the hell out of whatever school they really want to go to and wondering if they'll be admitted. This is my info:</p>

<p>SAT: 2160 (690 M, 690 CR, 780 W)
Subject tests: 720 (Spanish), 720 (US History)
GPA, unweighted: 92.3 (My school doesn't weight at all, nor does it rank; I don't know what this would translate to exactly on the 4.0 scale. However I think the highest grade anybody in my class has is about 95%. I just kind of hope colleges will consider that there's grade deflation)</p>

<p>I think my essay was good. Writing is kind of my strong point, so I would at least hope so. I kind of wish Wesleyan had had a supplement though.
BUT, I did have an interview, which was actually really great. I went to the woman's house and she was incredibly, incredibly nice, and it went over 45 minutes, so hopefully that's a plus.</p>


<p>A list of your ECs would help. It's hard to tell just by looking at objective numbers, although your scores are good enough. I hear Wesleyan's tough to get into, so I might be able to better judge if I knew more about your activities. Which state are you from?
Oh and you're not the only one creeping if that makes you feel any better.</p>