Chance Me!

<p>I already submitted my application and I was wondering if someone could chance me. I applied to UVA (University of Virginia) and MIT already, but I got rejected. Now I'm doubting myself for Stanford. I hope to major in engineering,</p>

<p>SAT: 600 (R), 710 (M), 560 (W) -> 1310/1600 or 1870/2400
SAT Subject Tests: 720 (Biology E), 660 (Math 2)
ACT: 28 Composite (27 Eng., 33 Math, 26 Reading, 27 Sci, 25 Combined Eng/Writing)
AP: World History (3), Biology (4), Environmental (4)
IB: Psychology (4/7)
AMC-12: 73.5 (11th grade) - Tie for first place in school
National Spanish Exam: Level 2 - 63rd percentile (9th grade), Level 3 - 72nd percentile (10th
Virginia Math League: 3-way first place tie at school level (10th grade)</p>

<p>GPA: ~4.3 (W) </p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule:
IB English 12 HL
IB History HL
Honors Spanish 4
Honors Physics
IB Chemistry 2 HL
IB Math 2 SL
Honors Anatomy
AP Calculus BC (Online)
Ordinary Differential Equations (Community College, not dual enrollment, Spring Semester)
Engineering Dynamics (Community College, not dual enrollment, Spring Semester)
Statistics (Community College, not dual enrollment, Fall Semester -> final grade - A)</p>

<p>Other Past Noteworthy Classes:
Engineering Statics (Community College, not dual enrollment, Spring Semester 2011, final grade -> C [my first course at college level])
AP Computer Science (Online)(I got a final grade as a B but I didn't report my AP score because I got a 1)</p>

<p>[My grades are mainly A's and B's but I do get C's in History (my weakest subject!)]</p>

-Free math tutoring (10,11,12)
-Part-time sales associate at Best Buy (worked about 1 year during junior and senior year)
-Forensics Speech and Debate (12)
-Local competitions - won 6th place once in Humorous Duo
-Did not make varsity team to compete in regional, district, and state competitions

<p>Other Info:
-Co-president of Mu Alpha Theta
-Main hobby -> making programs on my graphing calculator and occasionally with JAVA</p>

<p>If this isn't good enough, what improvements would you suggest if I want to try again next year? Thanks!</p>

<p>I'd say it's a big reach. Cs are not good for Stanford (they can rescind you for getting a C after you've been accepted). You should try to get a SAT of 2250+ and you're below that mark. </p>

<p>IMO- to increase your chances improve your gpa (no Cs!) and get at least above a 2000/30 for test scores. Also, maybe try building your ECs and doing something really outstanding with your free time. Keep in mind that every year many kids with 4.0/2400 statistics get rejected from Stanford. Academics aren't everything, but you need solid academics and great ECs.</p>