Chance me? :)

<p>I applied to UT around November and I'm still waiting to hear back, so I'd like to know if you think I'll actually get in or not. (My school does not rank)</p>

<p>SAT: 2040</p>

Freshman: 3.3
Junior: 3.7
Senior: 4.15</p>

<p>Course load this year:
Honors Spanish 6 Literature
AP Statistics
Honors Choir
Honors Economics
AP Art History
Honors English 12</p>

Select choir
Peer Tutor Co-chair of Writing Center
Captain of Varsity swim team
Lead in musicals
Life guarding</p>

<p>Thanks for reading!</p>

<p>In state or out of state?</p>

<p>Born and raised in Austin, TX.</p>

<p>I say you have a 25-50% chance of getting in:
1) your SAT score is decently high
2) your leadership positions are really good!
3) your GPA increases every year</p>

<p>However, your GPA is going to be hard to outweigh your leadership roles/high SAT score- UT only considers Freshman to Junior grades, so your 4.15 GPA has no great effect to your application. I'm assuming your school weighs your grade out of a 5.0 scale? That means for three years, you've been getting pretty much B's...which, compared to my high school at least, that puts you around top quarter to upper half. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>It's actually out of 4.3, not 5.</p>

<p>Depends on your rank too.</p>