Chance me!

<p>so I know I'd be on the lower end of applicants, but do I even have a chance? I applied RD.</p>

Gender: Female
Race: 1/2 Caucasian, 1/2 Asian
State: MD</p>

<p>GPA: 3.76 UW, 4.34 W (bad UW because of transferring issues explained in app)
SAT: 690-CR, 700-Math, 740-Writing
SAT 2s: Going to take Bio-E and Math 2, averaging 650-700 on practice tests
Rank: NA
Past APs: World History (4), BC Calc (3), AB Calc Subscore (4), AP Lang (4), AP Lit (3)
Current APs: AP World History (A), AP Biology (A), AP Psychology (B), AP Economics (A)
Essay: Common App Essay on teen drunk driving and its personal impact on my life</p>

Varsity Swim Team
Medical Explorers Program at local Hospital (meet doctors, tours of hospital, watch surgeries, etc)
Waksman Student Scholars Program - sequence DNA of plants, work published on NCBI
11 years of violin lessons
7 years of viola lessons
Violin teacher for 5 years - started my own violin studio
Editor for student magazine
String quartet that plays at weddings, banquets, etc.
Youth orchestra for 7 years
Drama program for 5 years
Crew for community theater
Independent Web Designer - started my own web design company
Every 15 Minutes - raise awareness for teen drunk/distracted driving
Morning Announcements Anchor
Sew Blankets for Hospitalized Children
National Honors Society
Math Honors Society
Music Honors Society </p>

Waksman Student Scholar
AP Scholar with Honor
PEAC Scholar
Posse Scholar Nominee
Honor Roll</p>

<p>Work Experience:
8-week HIGHLY COMPETITIVE internship at NASA (10 interns selected from NE)
Violin Teacher
Web Designer
Weekend Housekeeper</p>

<p>thank you!</p>