chance me?

<p>applying to watson school of eng. are their standards higher than getting into binghamton as a general school?
Gpa: 92.9
ACT: 27
got a 30 in science, and 28 in math. will it stand out more since im applying specifically for engineering?
also wrote an essay specifically on engineering.
3 teacher recs.
many staff member told me they didnt superscore the act but some said they did? they're so confusing.
also have 4 clubs and 2 school teams.
200+ volunteer hours
if the act was superscored, i would have around 30 or 29.
also some schools that told me that they didn't superscore the act, ended up superscoring it when they got my application for some reason which resulted in more scholarship money. this is so confusing someone please chance me...</p>